book review: meatless by martha stewart

I’m truly really lucky to have a truly amazing manager at work.  She’s been so super supportive through my road to achieving pregnancy, the pregnancy itself and afterwards.  Even now, she’s made it possible for me to have an incredibly flexible schedule so I can work from home and be even more available to my son Jai.  I love that I have her constant support and that she genuinely cares for not only my well being but the well being of my family.  It makes balancing work and being a mom that much easier.  And all of you working moms know it’s not easy to manage all of this without the right support.  But she gets it…she’s a mom and has been through all of this herself.  And for that, I am so, so, SO thankful.

I still can’t believe it’s been three years since I joined her and our team…time’s been flying by.  Last Wednesday, I was totally surprised to walk into work to see a gift sitting on my desk.   It was a book all wrapped up in pretty red ribbon, and inside a beautiful note from Kristie.  So sweet of her to remember “our 3 year anniversary”.  That’s just the type of boss she is.  So thoughtful, never forgets the little things.

I was merely excited at the fact that she even was thoughtful enough to remember but once I realized just what gift she had given me, well….I was even more delighted.  She’s that person who takes the art of gifting to another level.  It was a copy of Martha Stewart’s latest (can you believe, her 78th?!) cookbook Meatless.  This book is filled to the brim with over 200 of her very best vegetarian recipes.  Most of the exclusively vegetarian cookbooks I own are either Indian or Thai.  But this one has no Indian recipes and I love that about it.  I’m always looking for veggie friendly recipes that incorporate other flavors from around the world.  And this book has tons of those.


Flipping through every single page – yes, I’ve already done this 3 maybe 4 times already…I can honestly say I want to try almost every single one of her recipes.  I can also say that many of them will appeal to meat-eaters as well.  I found it interesting that this is Martha’s very first vegetarian book and she even explains her inspiration for the book on her blog:

“Well, numerous studies have shown that you can reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes by consuming more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and by eating fewer meats.  Over the past several years, I myself, have had a gradual trending towards less and less meat, even less and less fish.  Now I rely so much on other sorts of protein, on many vegetables, most of them farm raised, and on fruits and pastas.  My shift has been the result of many things–books like Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, films such as Food Inc., and my very own observations of factory farms, feed lots, fish farms, and the condition of the meats and fish sold in many of our supermarkets.  Beyond the myriad health benefits, going meatless (even just once a week) means being mindful of the environment.  With Meatless my colleagues and I offer you healthy, eco-conscious, and, above all, tasty recipes for every meal.”

It’s something to consider even trying once a week, like for “Meatless Mondays” just to be a little healthier.  And this cookbook makes it easy to start.  If you’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up or maybe even need to find a gift for a bride to be’s bridal shower with wedding season fast approaching…I’d suggest checking Meatless out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself flipping through the pages, love what you see, start to realize your mouth is watering and grab a copy for yourself too!

And thank you again Kristie for my present…I’ll be bringing in my creations from this book to work soon so we can do (next to managing tons of projects!) what we do best together…chow down!

Click to here to see more of Meatless.




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  1. Bindhu Davis says

    Hi there, I have been looking for more meatless recipes as my husband has become vegetarian. About this book, would you say the recipes are healthy?

  2. says

    Hi BIndhu…yes, I think most of the recipes are very healthy. In fact, she provides nutritional information under each recipe. i love the page that’s called protein powerhouse b/c she tells you how much protein is in each serving of milk, yogurt, edamame, different types of lentils. she also provides unique combinations for meals of small plates. so yes, definitely think this can also be coined a ‘healthy’ veggie friendly cookbook! bon apetit!

    • chaimommas says

      Hi Komal Kaki! Thanks for your reply…yes, I will definitely let you know after I try some recipes. I’m anxious to try out a few hopefully next week!

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