DIY: flash cards for your kids

I know there are ready-made flashcards out there that you can buy, but sometimes they are not exactly what you are looking for. My daughter has been learning her site words and my son has been learning his alphabets and what each letter stands for or sounds. So I thought to myself, hmm, this is easy to do, why not make our own flashcards where the children can enjoy making it as well and also put their personal touch. Read further more on how to learn how to make your own flash cards.

These cards are very simple to do.  They are also fun and educational to make with your kids because they can write out the words, letters or even draw the pictures (which I believe it makes it more personal plus another way to remember). Flashcards are an effective way for children to learn by memorization, repetition and visualization. Children are able to learn better with these tools because it guides them to learn.

 what you will need:materials for DIY flashcards

– markers or crayons

– index cards, any size





1. First figure out what kind of educational cards you will be making. I made site words flash cards and alphabet cards for my kids.

2. Then have your child (if they are old enough to write) on the front of the card and then either draw the image of the word on the back or something that will remind them about what is in the front of the card.  For example for the site word “the” my daughter drew a capital T to remind her that ‘T” is for the.

DIY flashcardscollage


Have any other educational ideas for flash cards? Would love to hear your ideas.

Please share in the comment section below!

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