10 top classic books to read to your kids

I love reading books to my children. Just having them curl up in my lap and listen to me read and see their eyes lite up when I read them a story they can relate to is just so touching.  I remember my mom reading me books when I was younger the same way.  When I see her read to my kids it reminds me of when she use to read to me.  I remember a lot of books from my childhood that I enjoyed. So here is a list I put together from my childhood, teaching and what I read to my kids.


Corduroy by Don Freeman: This is a story that I remember from my childhood. It’s a great read for younger children about a teddy bear for sale at a store and how he is missing a button and no one wants to buy him.


Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel: This book was read to me when I was younger, and till this day I still enjoy it! I love the relationship frog and toad have with one another. I have been reading this book to my kids before they go to bed and they are enjoying it so much because they love the funny things these two friends do.


Charlotte’s Web by E.B WhiteThis is an all time favorite for anyone! Who has not grown up reading this book?  I cannot wait till my kids are a little older, so I can read it to them.


The Berenstain Bears: Storybook Treasury by Stan and Mike Berenstain: This is a classic.  My mom read me the berenstain bears series quite  a bit when I was growing up, and I am doing the same with my kids.  We have gone through this series about 3 times. I love that is relates to “real life” experiences that children go through.


Just a Little Critter Collection by Mercer Mayer: Another one of my favorite childhood memory book.  I have been reading this series to my kids and they are enjoying it so much and also find it funny when the critter does silly things!


Where the Side Walk Ends by Shel Silverstein: Oh these are some good old poems.  Who has not grown up to Shel Silverstein books?  This is another all time classic. Cannot wait to read this one to my kids as well! 🙂


Mouse Cookies and More: A treasury (If you Give…) by Laura Numeroff: I read this series to my kids and they love the “repetition” in this book.  They love to finish the sentence “if you give a mouse a cookie he will…..” they truly enjoy this book because it’s a silly book!


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl: An old-time favorite! Especially the movie, it’s a classic. But the book is awesome to read, I remember reading it in elementary school and still remember it so well.


Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina:   This book is great for all ages. from the young ones to older ones. It is about a peddler who keeps losing his caps from the monkeys in the tree.


The Complete Adventure of Curious George by H.A Rey: This book is great for kids who are very curious.  Of course as you know “curious george” loves to get into things, but he always learns a lesson at the end! Fantastic Book for any age.

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So here is my top 10 list of classic books that I enjoy, and hope your kids enjoy as well. What other suggestions of books do you have?

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