Welcome to Chai Mommas!

After all that Facebook hype….we are finally here and are so excited to start our journey with our community! Thanks to everyone who has supported us in getting started. We are a group of moms from different paths that are here to provide simple and unique ideas on everything family related. Check out a little bit about us below and find the momma that relates to your mommy life the best!

“We don’t always have everything together all of the time but we’re here to share what helps us keep it together some of the time.” ~ Chai Mommas


The Career Momma

“At one point in my life I thought being a career mom meant multitasking, then I was introduced to the words “work/balance.”

The Stay At Home Momma

“Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode but then I remember how much it’s worth being a SAHM Momma.”

The Holistic Momma

“Being a new mom can be super tiring, but then I meditate on staying present and remember how amazing it really is.”

The Artsy Momma

“Trying to make time for my passions is harder than ever, but so incredibly in love with the reason why.”



  • VIP

    Congrats Gals. Good luck with everything. Wishing you all the best. Us Chai Daddy’s are always here for you glas.

  • Meetal Desai


    I am really loving this venture that the 4 of you have undertaken. Its amazing to see your different perspectives come together. All moms have different struggles and I have bookmarked your site to make note of all advice, recipes, and tips that you put together. Congrats- this is a wonderful project!

    Meetal D- Arlington, VA

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