pregnancy cravings: juice!

While I was pregnant, I was ‘lucky’ enough to really only crave raw veggies and fruits and their juices. Nevermind finally being able to openly scarf down half a cheesecake and not having to justify it AT ALL because afterall, I was carrying two little nuggets. But the fact of the matter was, I never wanted ice cream, cakes, fried goodness, pickles…well, once I did make Hitesh run out to get a jar (which I inhaled in 3 seconds flat…ok, maybe it was 3 minutes)…but that was only that one time. All I craved were apples, carrots, cucumbers, berries, pears, avocados, tomatoes…you get the point.

So one day my darling of a hubby surprised me and bought our very first and the Best Juicer. Before I get to my favorite healthy juice recipe, I have to tell you about our juicer. Hitesh ended up buying a Breville and if you’re in the market, I have to tell you – this juicer does not disappoint. It’s a mean juicing machine and in less than a couple of minutes, it’s able to create all sorts of delectable concoctions for you and your fam. It is A-MA-ZING…fast, easy to clean and worth every cent.

Now let’s talk about the health benefits of this particular juice. Apples, celery and carrots of packed full of nutrients but especially vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to help keep skin and teeth healthy and also promotes good vision. And mommas if that wasn’t already enough, according to the National Institute of Health, vitamin A also may be needed for reproduction and breast feeding. To learn more, check out what the NIH has to say:

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

So without further ado, here’s the simple juice recipe that someone in the house – Hitesh, my mom or dad was making while I was pregnant. Even now, we have it at least 3-4 times a week. And I still love it that much.

1 red apple
6 celery sticks
8 carrots
1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger = approximately 1 inch piece (ginger is awesome for nausea ladies!!)

Put everything in any order and let the juicer do it’s thing.
Mix and pour into 2 tall glasses – one for you & one to share.
Bottoms up.

Check out this video for quick step by step instructions with my very own momma!

So try it. Let me know what you think and reply with your favorite juice recipes too.

Happy juicing, mommas!


  • kamal

    i wasn’t a fan of fresh vegetable juices…i prefer coffee =). once i tried this, i was hooked! it’s really delicious…the apple adds just the right amount of sweetness to the carrot-celery combo…and the ginger gives it a nice kick! definitely one of my favorite juices!

    tip: if you dont want to go through the trouble (even though it looks super simple with that juicer) of making this at home, try the juice bar at whole foods! you can pick your own combos (even give them the recipe) and they will make it for you!

    question: which model of breville is that juicer? so many on their site to choose from. thanks!

  • shuchi

    I also craved only fruits and veges and my kids love fruits!!

    • Shraddha

      Shuchi, thanks for your comment! Hopefully there will be the same connection between my cravings and my little guy’s love of fruits and veggies too!!

  • Bianca

    Awesome Post my Twinnie!! I love juice blends too! Will keep this recipe and props to Mama Patel!! She’s a natural and so are you!! Love this!

    • Shraddha

      Bianca!! Sorry for missing your post!! This juice is AWESOME…a must have recipe for juices. I bet it will taste even better in Venice! 😉

  • Seema

    Can’t wait to try this recipe !! I have a spinach/pear/cucumber/parsnip juice mix nearly daily using the “magic bullet” from the tv informercial — it’s great for quick single servings 🙂

    • Shraddha

      Share your recipe!! Sounds delish!

      • seema

        ha — that is pretty much the recipe 🙂 cucumber + pear or apple + parsnip + kale or spinach.

  • Swati

    what a great recipe, will have to try out!

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