the belly book: a pregnancy journal idea


I love documenting memories…journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, video projects are all totally up my alley:) So when I was searching for a book or diary to write in during my pregnancy when my husband and I found out that I was expecting, I came across The Belly Book, and ordered it right away. I loved it. Every week, I’d pick a time to sit down and complete that week’s page. It allowed me to look back at the previous weeks of my pregnancy and really step into that moment, whatever I was feeling… whether that meant pregnancy aches and pains, excitement for her to arrival, worrying about the birth, anything and everything. It allowed me to write down what I was doing at those times, such as my yoga training, (I trained during my pregnancy!), my 30th surprise birthday party, New Year’s Eve and more. And of course all we were doing for her, like getting her nursery ready, how we felt when we found out I was pregnant, what we did when we found out she was a girl. It’s all in there and now when I look at it, I think of how special it will be for her when she is older to sift through, since the book is in third person and I wrote it that way to her too- as my voice to my baby girl.

Here are some pages of my own belly book:


This is what it’s like when you open it up:


It include pages for memories from the very start, like when you found out:


 The weekly pages:









Some even include places for you to add little snapshots of your life:)  And also ask you fun questions like how your spouse is feeling!

There are sections for doctors visits that include information and pages for sonograms:











There’s pages for nicknames and real names…

 Of course, the baby shower…

And special moments of reflection, like hearing the heartbeat for the first time:

Oh and even pages on your cravings and aversions per trimester, (I love how it’s in little bubbles):

 Then the final pages for the belly departure…and arrival of your bundle of joy 😉

Let us know and comment below if you have or did any fun journal ideas for your little bump. Have a great weekend!



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