when is it safe to pierce my daughters ears?

The debate with piercing your baby’s ears has been a popular topic in the parent world. It is the same as: is homemade baby food better or store bought? Or cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers, breastfeeding or bottle-fed? Every parent has their own opinion on these debates and there really is not a right or wrong answer to these questions. Some parents are so against piercing their babies ears because of the pain; and others think those little studs in your infants ears are just adorable.


  1. When is the right age to get my infants ears pierced?
  2. Is it going to be painful or something she will remember?
  3. Where should I get my infants ears pierced? A piercing place or by my doctor?
  4. What should my daughter’s ears get pierced by: a piercing gun or a needle?

When I had my daughter all of these questions were running through my head I wondered when should I get her ears pierced? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggest that wait till your child is old enough to take care of her ears herself, but it all varies on the parent.  I asked my mom when she had my ears pierced and where? She told me that when I was 5 months old, I asked her why so early? And she said ” that’s what her doctor recommended and told her that it was easier when they are younger (under 12 months) to get their ears pierced then being older because they are a lot more fidgety and aware, plus they have less chances of tugging and touching the earlobe. She said back then the only places where she was aware of getting ears pierced was at the mall and that’s where she got mine done and till this day I have not had any problems with wearing earrings!

Then I asked my doctor when is the right age to get my daughters ears pierced and where? She told me around 4-5 months after her full set of immunizations were given especially her tetanus shot (ear piercing places will need proof of the tetanus shot on record). I also, asked ” if she was able to pierce my daughters ears or anyone who was certified in the office was able to?”  She told me “at their facility there was no one who was certified to do it, but suggested the mall or piercing place as long as it was sterile”. Make sure if you go to a place in the mall or a piercing facility you check to see if the piercer is certified and has been doing it for awhile (there should be a certification posted some where near the piercing station of the person), that the piercing gun and area is sterile. Remember you are welcome to ask any question on their background of piercing since they are piercing your daughter’s ears….

Then the question that I could not make up my mind about was: should I get her ears pierced with a piercing gun or needle?  The doctor said it was up to me, but told me that if I get it done with a needle, my daughter will have to be very still at this age. I, as an adult have gotten my nose pierced with a needle and you have to be very still or it can be very painful if you move, so I decided to get my daughters ears pierced with a piercing gun because it is quick and easy! But I know a lot of parents who have gotten their daughters ear pierced with a needle and it was just fine.

I decided at 5 months to pierce my daughter’s ears and it was a success! 🙂  I took her to a piercing place in the mall, everything was sterile, asked her all the questions I had.  I picked out a pair of earrings that was surgical-steel (that is what they suggest for first time piercing since it is the safest).  They then sat me down on the stool with my daughter in my lap and marked little dots on her ears to verify where I wanted them pierced.  They then got a sterile piercing gun with the earring and inserted on the dot that was made on the ear and with little pressure the earring was inserted and HURRAY her earring was in!  It was within a split second and same was done on the other ear.  My daughter did not cry much at all, honestly it was for about 1-2 minutes and she was more in shock then pain. They then told me how to take care of the ears and gave me a cleaning solution.  After the whole incident my daughter was fine, no fever, she did not cry, she actually was very happy and looked so adorable with her new studs!  Now at age 4 she has no clue how her ear was pierced and what pain she had, she does not remember and that is actually GREAT! 🙂

What are your thoughts on piercing your daughter’s ears?


  • Heidi W.

    I went back and forth because my hubs wasn’t so keen on the idea, but in the end, he said it was my decision. So we did it at 10 mos. My doctor recommended getting it done at a place in the mall because they are sterile and they do it all the time. So generally they are faster and more accurate. She cried a lot when it was done, but after a nap, she was fine. She hasn’t ever even noticed they were there. She doesn’t love me to touch them though, so we haven’t changed them yet even though she has a few pairs of earrings. We’ve had no problems either. If I were to have another girl, I would do it earlier. Like 6 mos. or so. I was either 3 or 6 mos. when my mom had mine done and I’ve never had a problem. I got second holes done when I was 13 or so and had to let them close up because they always bothered me.

  • Reena

    Hello Heidi,
    I agree with piercing girls ears earlier than later too, its what my doctor recommended too. Thank you for writing about your experience with your little one. 🙂

    Reena 🙂

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