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Contemplation, contemplation…… So I have tried store bought baby food and homemade baby food for both of my kids when they started eating their solids. I know this is the question for a lot of mommas out there?

With my daughter who is now 4 years old, I only gave store bought baby food, I at the time did not have much insights on how to make fresh baby food and also I tried it a few times and it was way too lumpy or way to watery and had nor desire to make it anymore. Back then the hype of homemade baby food was not as popular as it is now. Where for my son who is now 2, I made a various amount of homemade baby food for him because I had the baby food maker and knowledge on how to make it.
So the question is: Which one is better? Centuries ago buying baby food was not a given, but for busy lives and convenience baby food had started selling in stores years after. There are some pros and cons on store bought baby food as well as homemade baby food. Plus, there are now a wide range of organic baby food options out there that can make it easier for parents to find a more natural choice for your baby. I am not saying one is better than the other because at the end of the day it is your choice and your child’s preference. I personally have not seen a difference in both of my kid’s nutritional lifestyle; they both like a great amount of vegetables, love fruits and meats. So really there is no real answer, but I wanted to write about the different choices because I know that there are many moms out there asking the same question.

Store bought baby food

The pros about store bought baby food:

  • Less time consuming
  • Pre-made of different flavors
  • Easy to take when on the go, and do not have to refrigerate or microwave or defrost
  • Take and toss
  • Inexpensive
  • Have different stages so know the right amount to give
  • Long shelf life
  • Convenient

The cons about store bought baby food:

  • It can get costly
  • Have added preservatives
  • Some baby food are packed in glass bottles so have to be very careful
  • Some may have other chemicals added to the product
  • Taste may be a little different
  • Packaging waste

Homemade baby food

The pros about homemade baby food:

  • Fresh
  • Can make in batches and freeze
  • Can play with different types of fruit or vegetables
  • Easy to make
  • Less waste
  • Can make it to your own consistency of what your child prefers
  • No chemicals or preservatives added
  • Exposure to new taste
  • Variety of recipes out there to make

The cons about homemade baby food:

  • Time consuming
  • Expensive if you have to buy a food processor or baby food maker
  • May take up room in your freezer with all the containers if you make it in batches
  • If refrigerated food may go bad, does not have a long shelf life
  • Taste maybe a little different

So over all, you can see that there are a several of pros and cons on homemade baby food and store bought baby food. But at the end its what you feel is right and what works for your lifestyle, neither is bad nor good in my eyes, because I have experienced both types of baby food with my kids and have not seen a difference in their taste buds and health. 🙂

An all time favorite of my sons when he was an infant was Spinach and Sweet Potatoes, it’s a great mix of sweet and savory and healthy too. Here’s a simple, easy recipe for you to try.

Spinach and Sweet Potatoes Baby Food Recipe

Spinach and Sweet Potatoes Baby Food

Recipe Type: Baby Food
Author: Reena
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 cup or 4 (1/4-cup)
A great baby food recipe of sweet and savory and packed with a whole lot of nutrients!
  • 1 large sweet potato (about 10 ounces)
  • 2 cups bagged baby spinach leaves
  1. Chop up sweet potatoes in chunks and steam for about 10-15 minutes or when done. Then steam spinach make sure not to over steam cause it may taste bitter. Combine potatoes and spinach in a food processor or baby food maker and blend to your desired consistency.

In the refrigerator shelf life is up to 2 days. In the freezer shelf life is up to 3 months

A list of store bought baby food brands I used:

What baby food method did you use with your little ones?




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