post pregnancy hair loss: 5 great tips on hair care

About two weeks ago, I started noticing that every time I washed, combed or blow dried my hair, a large chunk of it would make its way onto my hairbrush or bathroom floor. This can be absolutely devastating for those of us who treasure our hair. There are treatments that can recover your hair and prevent hair loss from happening from places like hair loss denver if this is something you’re interested in.

Luckily I have pretty thick, “Indian”, hair, so I haven’t noticed any bald spots yet, but my ponytail is definitely thinner and the amount of hair I’m losing is scary! If things get worse, I might book an appointment to visit a hair restoration specialist, as I don’t think I could cope with losing more of my hair.

With this being said, even though my hair is thick, it is not as healthy as it should be. I feel it may be time to visit my local hairdressers as they have a professional Salon haircare supplier who provides them with hair products to use on their clients. I’ve tried to sort my hair out on my own, but getting professional advice at least may be the next best step.

What’s going on???

I asked my hair dresser and my aunt who is a doctor who both told me it’s completely normal. It’s due to a change in my estrogen hormone levels, which happens a few months after giving birth to all women. They say it can lasts for about a week, a month, three months, even 6 months to a year-it just varies for each momma. While it’s normal to lose up to even 100 strands of hair per day for anyone, with the pregnancy hormone shift for us moms, there is even more hair loss!

You can’t stop the hair loss from happening, but here’s 5 great tips on what I am doing to help lessen it and I am noticing a difference already:

1. Use coconut hair oil. This natural remedy is used to strengthen hair, promote healthy scalp and prevent hair loss. Yes, mom, so you were always right! As a little kid, I didn’t like putting coconut oil in my hair, but it’s known in every Indian girl’s household that it’s so good for your hair so moms always rub it in every once in awhile! Put a little in your palms and rub into your scalp and hair as a moisturizer mask and then wash your hair before going to sleep or in the morning, (just know that your pillow will smell like it the next day if you sleep with it plus the oil will rub into the fabric). When you wash it out, try using a shampoo and conditioner that is good for hair growth. Ones with Amla and Omega-3 are some ingredients that are great.

2. Use a large tooth comb. I noticed that that the finer combs and large brushes were making me shed more, and large tooth combs prevent hair breakage while detangling.

3. Wear fun hair bands, scarves, pins etc. to hide areas that are looking thin or ‘bald’. But be sure to use accessories that are not too tight. Hey, it’s also a quick way to style for us women who don’t have much time! Recently I have seen these feather extensions a lot, which is another way to accessorize and hide trouble areas.

4. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins, since they contain many of the vitamins that are essential for healthy hair such as Vitamins B, A, C and E.

5. Try styles that help make the hair loss less noticeable like ones with texture, different hair part location, etc. Or you can do what I did… and just get a new ‘do!

I chopped my hair short after getting tired and grossed out from picking up all the long strands of hair that I’d find in the shower drain and attached to my hair bands. Plus, since Laila is now grabbing onto things, I didn’t want her fingers all tangled with my hair strands. An added bonus to this is that short hair is super easy to style for a busy momma 🙂

Got any tips for post pregnancy hair loss? Please share!



  • Mili Shah

    Great Hair tips Puja! Some other oils to look into are Brahmi Oll and Shikai Oil. The Brahmi is my favorite and I usually mix it in with Amla and Coconut. Also, Leaving it in overnight after massaging your scalp for at least 5 minutes is absolutely best, especially if you are using a mixed oil like I stated above. To keep your pillows from smelling I suggest having two pillowcases that you put over your regular pillow and wash after using or using a hand towel over the pillow as you sleep. Both will keep the oil from seeping into the actual pillow. Another great way to prevent Hair loss is eating a handful of black sesame seeds everyday. You would want raw seeds and they are super easy to add to your foods and taste perfectly fine alone 🙂 Acupuncture and herbal therapies work really well, because these therapies are designed to help regain balance for any deficiencies you may experience post labor and during breastfeeding. A great website for that is which helps you find acupuncturists in your area.
    Om Shanti,

    • Puja Shah

      Thanks so much for your awesome tips Mili! I love acupuncture and we are having Amish try out the black sesame seeds for his white hairs!

  • Janet Diaz

    Nice tips. You can go for vegan diet to lessen your hair loss. Massaging your hair with warm coconut oil can improves the blood circulations to your scalp and also you can add essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus to the coconut oil, these can work as anti septic for scalp infections. Use provillus for faster hair growth.

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