barnes & nobles a place where kids can learn

 Do your kids get bored of the same old activities on a day-to-day basis? Well, I sure would get bored doing the activity with them on a day-to-day basis. 😉  I always like to have different activities, places to take my kids and just CHANGE, instead of taking my kids to the park or those indoor play gym thingies, or the library, lately I have been taking them to Barnes and Nobles. They love; I mean really love it there! Plus it’s FREE.

I try to take my kids out somewhere everyday, even if it is to the grocery store, or walking our dogs, or just enjoying some fresh air in our garden.  Children need some type of change, being cooped up at home or doing the repetition of the same thing each day is not stimulating for them, changing things up and I mean not their daily routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and naps, I mean their activities.  Even just spending time with your child for 20-30- minutes a day makes a huge difference.  It encourages them to learn, it makes them feel that they are important to you and it helps them build their self-confidence.

Things to do with your kids at Barnes and Nobles:

  1. I always sit in the kid’s book area (that’s if there is room there) with my kids.
  2. I then have them each pick out a book that I can read to them, this helps them build their confidence on what they want and their interest.
  3. After we are done reading the books, I have them look at some books on their own or of their interest, this builds independence.
  4. I know some Barnes and Nobles do not have this section but ours does and it’s a “Toy Area” where they can play with train tracks, legos and a play kitchen area. I like this area because at least they have a variety of things to play with. And my kids love playing with the legos there. This builds freedom play and also gives then free time to choose what they like.

Barnes and Nobles have this great perk club for kids.  It’s called B&N Kids Club, and what you cans do is sign them up online or they have applications at the store and its’ great because you can do it for as many kids you have.  And what this card does it is gives you discounts on kids books, for each child’s birthday you get a free cupcake from the café, and plus every $100 you spend on kids books you get a $5 reward.  And it’s all for FREE!

Go out and take your kids to places where they can learn.  Taking them out with you builds their social skills and confidence! Every time I tell my kids we are going to Barnes and Nobles, they get so excited! They love the fact that they can be independent and pick their books and  look at books on their own and plus for me going there I benefit something too, that is a a nice cup of latte and just seeing the smiles on my kids place. 🙂

Where are some places you take your kids to learn? 


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