baby bottles: what we’re using and why

It’s hard to know what bottle to pick when you find out you’re going to have a baby. The bottle section in any baby store is straight up intimidating. If you want to look into finding the best baby bottles on the market, you should do your research into aspects like the material of the bottle and the shape. All this, and more will make deciding on bottles for your baby an easier process.
And once you’re a momma, you often are asked what’s a good bottle by your pregnant friends. We’re asked all the time…so we decided to share what bottles we’re using and why. We happen to be a fifty fifty split between two brands that we have grown to love for different reasons.

Keep reading to learn more. Oh and don’t forget to comment on the bottles you’re using and why they’re working out for your little one.

-Chai Mommas

Neesha and Puja

We used the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles ever since our kids started drinking out of bottles. Many brands cause gas, have too large nipples or too big of a bottle for a child to hold, but the Tommee Tippee ones are just perfect. They’re designed to be the closest feeling to natural breast feeding for babies. These bottles have a sensitive anti colic valve that allow babies to drink milk without getting tummy aches from the air build up. The nipples are super wide and flexible which makes it easier to drink from too.

The bottles are BPA & Phthalate free, so completely safe for your little ones. We love all the cool accessories like the bottle warmer, sterilizer and cleaning supplies. We must say though, the best part about these bottles is the small amount of parts you have to sterilize since we all know you end up washing bottles 10 times a day!

Tommee Tippee 3-pack Closer to Nature Bottle 5ozTo check out Tommee Tippee bottles, click here.


Reena and Shraddha

Ask most moms of babies with reflux what bottle they’re using…chances are you’ll hear “Dr. Browns!!” Both of our little guys had reflux and this is the leading brand of bottles that combats this horrible problem. Designed by a doctor, Dr. Brown’s bottles are unique in that they are designed with an internal vent system that provides a positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding which mimics breastfeeding. But what’s more, is that this vent system also significantly helps reduce spit-ups, gas and colic by eliminating air bubbles and negative air pressure.

These bottles are also BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free, which makes us feel good about our children using them And just recently, a nutrient study was done which states that these bottles also help preserve vitamins C, A and E in breastmilk and formula by minimizing oxidation (click here to read the study). We’ve seen the wonders of this bottle with our boys and it has helped so much with the spit ups especially. And although we admit cleaning all the many parts of the bottle is quite a chore…we wouldn’t trade them in for anything!

PS + Shraddha directly contacted Dr. Brown’s customer service when she was concerned about the labeling peeling off some of her bottles and a just few days later, she was pleasantly surprised to find an entire new set of label free bottles in her mailbox!!

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  • Shital

    I def agree that it can get confusing.. I tried tomee tippee .. Then the avent.. And finally dr brown.. It was the brand I was trying to avoid due to the parts and cleaning being a tedious proceeds but it suit her so much better..

    • Shraddha

      Hi Shital…yes, we agree…it does get confusing. There are so many brands claiming to help with different aspects of feeding. And we happen to use only two brands between the four of us…but I have to say, Reena and I have been so happy with Dr. Brown’s b/c of the reflux our kids faced. Sounds like it worked for you too. Glad you finally found the best fit!

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