the grateful game: a thanksgiving day activity

Years ago, a friend of mine and my husband’s told us about this game he plays with his daughter every night before going to bed that I always remembered and to this day, can’t wait for Laila to “grow up” so we can do the same.

He called it The Grateful Game.

He would tuck her in and they would each say something they were grateful for that day to each other. It could be anything. My husband and I had started doing that here and there, but to be honest, when we had our baby girl, we were just getting adjusted to parenthood and haven’t done so in awhile!

I “play” this game all the time while teaching yoga to children, and of course in my own yoga practice. It centers me, puts things in perspective when things are crazy or hard, and reminds me of just what and who I have in my life that makes it so beautiful.

The holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are about just that- remembering what we are grateful for. So if you can’t do it every night with your children, I thought of something families, spouses and friends can do together on Thanksgiving Day during your meal, (or during dinner time on other nights!).

To prepare and how to play:

You can either type up and print, like I did above, or write out on index cards, of different categories such as:







You can write out anything you think pertains to your dinner party guests. Then when everyone is seated together, you can pass the cards around and everyone can take one. You can start with the head of the table, or oldest person etc. and have them look at their card and say something they are grateful for regarding that topic. You can even pass the cards along to the left  and go around in the circle the other way so everyone has a new topic to share about.

Option for smaller family or party size: If you have a small party size,  everyone can take a card and then if, for instance, the head of the table has ‘Love’, everyone goes around in a circle starting with that person, what they feel grateful for in regards to love. And then the next person would say his or her topic and everyone can say what they are grateful for again. You can do this for each person’s card.

The cards help because sometimes, especially for kids when they are put on the spot, it makes it easier to think of something and it also get’s you thinking about things you may not have realized you are truly blessed with.

Hope you enjoy this little game on Thanksgiving Day! Do you have any grateful games of your own? Would love to hear!




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