do you know what germs your reusable grocery bags carry?

How many of you use eco-friendly re-usable bags? I do whenever I can remember to take them with me to the grocery store. It is a great way to save trees and be friendly to our earth. But people who use their bags a lot and then store them in their car do not realize how much bacteria and germs there are in those good old bags! Here’s what you do about the bacteria and germs living in your bags.

Washing your eco-friendly bags is not something many people consider doing…or even wiping them down with anti-bacterial wipes after they have been used. A lot of the times we do not realize that cross-contamination can happen with the juices of raw meat that can come in contact with dry products such as bread and produce. This is where the bacteria starts and it can contaminate food or anything put into the bags.


The 3 main bacteria’s living in your eco-friendly bag:

1. Salmonella – bacteria that grows in your intestine which can cause food poisoning and diarrhea

2. Listria Р bacteria that is food borne and usually occurs in pregnant women, newborns, elderly and humans who have a weak immune system.

3. E.coli – very common bacteria. There are many forms of this bacteria. There is good e.coli and bad. The bad e.coli can be found in raw meat and foods. If in contact, it can cause food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea.


How to get rid of the bacteria:

  • After using your bags, wash them on the delicate cycle with detergent in your washing machine or hand wash them with hot water and dish washing soap.
  • Keep your bags in a clean and dry area. Do not leave bags in your car where they can get warm and allow bacteria to grow.
  • When you buy meat and fish at the grocery store, make sure to put it in plastic bags so juices do not spread onto your other groceries.
  • Designate 2 different bags, one for meats/fish and another for other groceries.


*Make sure to wash your bags to prevent these bacterias from growing in them.


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