time for bed…a great bedtime book for all kids

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I was out shopping for books for Ayven and came across this book called “Time for Bed” by Jane Dyer. I had never heard of it before but the first time I read it to him he was in love with it. I always focus on getting bedtime books that soothe Ayven and send positive thoughts just to put his mind to rest and get a good nights sleep. The book has rhythmic easy verses where you child can start saying them with you, it’s very peaceful and shows the amazing relationship between children and their parents by using animals. Regardless of the animal the mommy animal in the book really focuses on loving their little one and cuddling with them before bed. The book includes animal such as mice, cows, goose, cats, dogs, horses, fish, sheep and so many more. The most amazing part of the book is that it teaches your little one what baby animals are called and what they are called when they are all grown up. Examples include foal and horse and calf and cow.

My favorite part of the book along with Ayven’s is when the mommy says goodnight to her child. It teaches the child to go to sleep by themselves in their bed and that mommy will always be with them. A very pleasant read quick read and a great educational experience to have with your child every night.

Here are some questions I ask Ayven while reading the book to him each night:

  • Which one is the baby animal and which one is the momma animal?
  • After reading the book a few times, read the first sentence and let your child tell you what the rhyming word.  An example:  Mommy says “It’s time for bed, little cat, little cat.  So snuggle in tight, that’s right, just like”  Child says “that”
  • Let your child tell you what the animal is before you read the sentence
  • Ask them what going to bed means after reading the book
  • The last page is where mommy says goodnight, let your child say goodnight to you just like in the book

I highly recommend getting Time for Bed for all those young ones out there.

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