fifteen ways to de-stress during the holidays


  1. Step outside and breathe.  Take a deep breath, allow fresh air in – does wonders to re-energize and re-focus.
  2. Make a list, prioritize and just work on one task at a time. Enjoy that task fully.
  3. While you work, listen to holiday tunes. Listening to music can help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones.
  4. Allow yourself moments to take a brisk walk and enjoy being outside. This helps release endorphins which naturally and effectively make you feel good.
  5. Don’t over commit – accept the invitations you want and decline those that you would rather not attend.
  6. Indulge by sipping on a glass of red wine while wrapping all those presents.
  7. But remember to stay hydrated – winter means dry weather which means drinking lots of water is a must.
  8. If you’re feeling completely out of control with all that you need to accomplish, organize something. Like a desk drawer, a makeup bag.  This will help you gain back some control and hopefully will leave you feeling better to get some of those other things done.
  9. Don’t feel bad about gifting gift cards. Trust me, most people appreciate being able to buy what they want anyways!
  10. If you’re hosting, delegate.  Assign different tasks or something to contribute. Guests will feel more connected to your event too.
  11. Light a holiday scented candle or two. Aromatherapy is so effective.
  12. Volunteer.  Even though you have a ton to do, there’s always a little time to give back. Helps you to re-gain perspective.
  13. Grab an apple cider or salted caramel hot cocoa and enjoy all the holiday lights and decorations.
  14. While indoors, keep those curtains open. Just looking outside can lower heart rate. Plus it’s so pretty with all the decorations!
  15. And remember to laugh, be merry. Because afterall, isn’t that what this season is all about?
Happy Holidays!


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