family holiday traditions to start in your home

I am all about starting family traditions in our home. I think having traditions is such an important way to stay close with the family and a chance to teach your kids how important family is. Traditions don’t have to be expensive or complicated; they can be simple and easy things you do that will build those special memories in your home. Here are two traditions we do in our home during the Christmas holiday.

Ornaments with a memory
Ever since Amar and I got married we took turns each year to buy each other a Christmas ornament. Not just an ornament with a year on it, but an ornament that reminded us of something special that year. It could be something funny, inspirational or just something simple and cute. Since we had Ayven we keep that same tradition for him. We let him pick out 1 ornament each year that reminds him of a happy time that year. For example last year he chose Sesame Street Characters. At that point in his life he loved Sesame Street and it was the first time all the moms and grandmas on my side of the family took a trip with all the grand kids to the Sesame Street Amusement Park. This year he chose a Cars ornament because it reminded him of his first trip to California Adventure with his parents to Carsland. This tradition gives Amar and I a chance to reflect on our year as well as Ayven to reflect on what made him the happiest!

December Holiday Book
Ayven gets to pick 1 bedtime book to read for the month of December that we read every night. I give him options on which books to chose that will teach him the importance of family, traditions, the importance of giving and of course Santa and his reindeer stories. Last year he chose Dream Snow by Eric Carle and this year he chose Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney. By the end of the month it will be amazing to see how much your child has learned.



Other ideas you can start with your family are:

  • Participate in 1 charity event in December. It could be a walk, a volunteer activity, or an angel tree
  • Go for a drive to see which house had the best Christmas lights
  • Instead of just making a Santa list, record your child telling you what they want for Christmas each year
  • Deliver baked goods or treats to a retirement home and elders in your neighborhood

What are some traditions you start in your home?

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