product review: nosefrida snot sucker

Winter is here and that means more colds, sniffles and snot.  Over Thanksgiving, my little guy had his first real cold.  It sucked.  For him of course, for us too.  Seeing him struggle to catch a breath, watching him want to take the bottle but refusing it because it was too hard to drink and breathe at the same time…it kind of left us all feeling helpless.

We pulled out the nasal bulb aspirators that we came home with from the hospital.  These didn’t do the job.  Even with saline drops, they just didn’t work well.  Then I remembered one of my only trips to register for my baby shower.  We were at Buy Buy Baby and the sales girl who was guiding us through the store, told me that there was one product that was a must have for every parent.

The NoseFrida Snot Sucker.

I distinctly remember looking at this thing and thinking there is no way I’m EVER using it. Snot Sucker?  Umm, excuse me?  Almost felt pressured to buy it…but so glad I did.  The package reads:

“It’s smart.
It’s Swedish.
It’s maybe a little strange.
It’s completely hygienic
thanks to the included filters.”

So last weekend, when the bulb aspirator wasn’t getting the job done, I’m so glad that I remembered we bought this snot sucker.  This thing is awesome.  It worked like magic. No joke.

So exactly how does it work?

You place the sucker side on the outside of the nostril – just at the tip not inside – and the other end in your mouth…this creates a vacuum.  Then you begin to suck the snot out and it literally gets sucked right out.  Don’t worry – it’s completely hygienic because of the filter.  And don’t worry – it only feels strange the first time you do it.  I’m still amazed at how easily it all seems to just come out, giving your baby instant relief.  We used the snot sucker after saline drops on Jai before feeds when he was really congested and this seemed to really help him with bottle feeds.

So bottom line…this IS a mommy must have.  Mommas to be, make sure you have this NoseFrida snot sucker in your baby’s arsenal of medical supplies.  Moms out there with little babies, even toddlers…if your little one gets a cold and you’re reaching for a nasal bulb aspirator, instead send daddy out to get one of these asap.  You all will be so glad you did.  Trust me. 🙂

Click here to check out and buy the NoseFrida Snot Sucker.

Who else loves this thing as much as this momma does?




  • Puja

    Basically it comes down to this: if you really love your baby, you’ll suck their snots out. LOL. Awesome product:)

  • shraddha

    Well said Puja!

  • Arti Patel

    This thing is no joke! Great product and review 🙂

  • Sneha

    OMG! I love this product too. Such a simple idea… i wish i had invented it!

  • Swati

    Wish I had this earlier!

    • Shraddha

      swati, you can still use it on toddlers…so maybe try it out on seva??

  • kamal

    the closest thing to hospital-grade suction! a must-have for all parents, especially during cold and flu season!

  • Maya

    This is the best thing ever. I use this on my daughter probably every other day 🙂 In Texas it’s not sold at Buy buy baby or Babies r Us. You can find them at whole food or central market 🙂

    • Shraddha

      Hi Maya! Yes, it is the best thing EVER. I’ve given it to several of my mommy friends and they are always telling me how helpful it was when they finally end up using it!! Thanks for the tip on where to find the Nose Frida Snot Sucker in Texas.

  • Twisha

    How often do you change the filters on this thing?

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