mommas, how to deal with those baby hairs after you have the baby

Recently one morning as I was looking in the mirror getting dressed for work, I was sort of mortified at this group of baby hairs to the left of my forehead right along my hairline that were sticking up – completely stick straight.  Nothing I did helped and I just didn’t know what to do to make them lie flat.  Panicked and running short on time, I just used a big dollop of my husband’s pomade.  That just made it worse and now I looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in weeks because it was so matted down and felt and looked a little too slick, even oily.  Aack.

How many of you moms dealt with or are currently dealing with those same baby hairs that shoot from around your hairline or that stick up straight from the top of your head?  These annoying little pieces of hair are those same hairs that once were so thick, shiny and healthy when you were pregnant that then for many of us, fell out (check out Puja’s helpful tips on pregnancy hair loss here), broke and split after pregnancy and now are finally growing back but don’t really fall into place with the rest of your hair.  The growing back process takes times though, you can’t really cut or trim them and so we’re literally left facing these annoying, unmanageable little strands.

What’s a momma to do?

1. Skip the flat iron to keep those hairs in place.  This does not work.  It only makes it worse, trust me.  The heat causes the hair to stick out even more it seems.

2. Skip the curling iron to curl the hairs under.  This does not work.  It only make it worse, TRUST ME!!  It’s the same principle as the flat iron but in my opinion, makes the hair even more unruly.  Bottom line, the heated styling tools are not your friend with baby or broken hairs.

3. Keep those hairs under control with some essential tools.  You will need a clean, dry toothbrush and a light hairspray.  Gently brush the fly aways, baby hairs and broken hairs into place with the toothbrush.  Then spray a little hairspray into your fingers and quickly pat those hairs down.  This works really well for me.  You can also skip the toothbrush altogether if you like and just use the spray.  Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!  Don’t spray the hairspray directly onto the hairs.  You’ll spray way too much – it doesn’t work.


4. Skip the towel to wrap your freshly washed hair.  Wrapping wet hair in a towel apparently is very bad for your  hairline.  So if you’re hating the baby hairs that you have from post pregnancy hormone drop, you definitely don’t want to add to the breakage.  Instead, you want to comb your hair as soon as you step out of the shower, squeeze out excess water using a light towel or even an old cotton t-shirt.

5. Skip the heavy pomades, hair oils.  Those products are the worse for baby hairs.  They don’t work too well and end up making your hair look way too oily, matted down and heavy.

6. Skip the ponytail.  Of course, a pony tail is a must when you’re at the gym or dealing with a toddler who just won’t stop pulling at your hair.  But keep it to a minimum.  It’s too harsh for your hair to be pulled back too tightly.  If you can, switch out elastic rubberbands with claw clips to keep hair secured.  And do not EVER go to bed with hair tied back into a ponytail.  That is the absolute worst thing you can do.

7. Let your hair indulge a once a week deep conditioning mask treatment.  A deep conditioner does wonders for your hair no matter what its current state but especially for hair that has been through significant changes like hormonal shifts that women face during and after pregnancy.  There are so many products you can purchase.  Once of my favorites is by Phtyo.  It is AWESOME.


You can always make your own mask by combining one tablespoon each of organic honey and olive oil plus 1/2 cup of your go-to conditioner or Greek yogurt.  Mix and apply to hair for 20 minutes an rinse well.

And remember, it’s just a matter of time and your hair will be back to what it was pre-pregnancy.  It may not get back to the fabulous state that it was in when you were a glowing butterball with a tiny little human growing inside of your round belly.  But your hair should with time get back to what you’re used to.  In the meantime, hopefully these tips will help out some.  What have you found to work to tame your baby/broken hairs?





  • whereisthepacifier


    I thought I was the only one experiencing this, but luckily I stumbled upon your blog! Do you have any more tips about applying the hairspray or which type of hairspray to use? I got some of my baby hairs under control, but they still try to peep out in the wrong direction.. :s So annoying!

    Love your blog btw! Great read!

    • Shraddha

      Hi! I use the Loreal Elnett one. It’s great!! Just apply to a comb or little brush…even an eyebrow brush works great for the little flyaways. Goodluck!! I know how annoying they are! 🙂

  • Samantha

    I have Noticed this problem recently, I had my baby in March.
    I’ve only just noticed it over the last couple of weeks since my hairs have started to grow back! Had an utter nightmare today with them just, I was going to a new parent and toddler class (just what you need when going to meet new people!).
    I just want to say how good your blog is, it’s given me reassurance that this is not just happening to me and I will put up with it for now until things improve. Thank you 🙂

  • Amanda

    Arrrggggghh… Those pesky baby hairs!! They’re so annoying. Thanks for your tips 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Keep taking prenatals or similar vitamins after baby! Helps reduce your hair loss.

  • marie

    i don’t agree with these tips. I have naturally curly hair, usually it’s super soft but the patch I have that grew in is very different. it’s super curly, texture isn’t soft it’s wiry and is a 4 inch by 2 inch patch on the right side of my bangs. if i let my hair be natural i’ll just have a huge poof . i’ve cut my bangs to help blend it a little but i usually comb them to the side. this patch makes them stand straight up. i blow dry it and then i have a mini flat iron that and hairspray helps it lay down a little so i can comb the longer hair over and blend it. if I didn’t i’d have a weird wing on the side of my head. I think if you have nice straight hair, these tips would work but for naturally curly women the tips don’t work. what i really want to know is if it’s going to grow out. it’s been over a year and i feel like it’s stopped growing and i’m going to have this weird patch in the front where i cant hide it forever.

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