great travel take alongs for your children


My artsy crafty sister in law is amazing (thanks Nisha).  She for Christmas always makes something sentimental and useful for the kids. She knows my family and I travel a lot by car and plane, so last year she made the kids a crayon roll ( a roll made out of material with crayon inserts) and this past Christmas she made a chalk board roll (a roll made of material with chalk board material and chalk inserts).  She is amazing!  These are great things to take a long with you when you are traveling with your kids to keep them occupied.

So what exactly is a crayon roll? Well here is a what it actually is:

crayon roll

This roll is awesome to travel with in your car or even on the airplane because the crayons stay in place, they do not roll away if you were to take a crayon box and lay the crayons out.  I love that it’s very compact and pretty much can carry all the colors of a small pack of crayons.  My children always remember to take it with them in their travel backpack and a coloring book.  They love to color and draw so this is great for them! It’s also so easy to pack up because all you have to do is insert the crayons back into it’s insert and roll it up and strap the band around. It’s that simple and easy for those little hands. 🙂

What is a chalk board roll? Here is what it is:

chalk roll

 A chalk board roll is basically a chalk board on the go with inserts for chalks and a sponge to clean off your board.  This was a very cool gift my children they got this Christmas!  They were so happy 🙂 to draw with chalk.  This is a useful traveling little item to take for your kids as well! It has the same concept as the crayon roll but it’s a chalkboard instead. It is easy to put away, all you do is roll it up and tie the ribbons at the end. Our last vacation we went on we took the roll and my children loved, I mean loved it because they were able to draw whatever they wanted to and then erase it with a sponge.  They loved the fact that the chalk was erasable so that they can keep drawing and writing.  This was so creative and plus very sentimental for my children because they knew their aunt made it.

Right now my sister in law is in the works of eventually selling the crayon and chalk board roll, so stay tuned for future posts and    give aways from Chai Mommas for these items. But mean while, if you are looking for one soon,they can be found on the internet or at any children’s boutique store. -Happy Traveling-

What travel take alongs do you take when you are traveling with your children?

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