5 things not to say to a “Stay at Home Momma”

Life of a stay at home momma

What really is the definition of a stay at home mom? Is it “one who watches Ellen DeGeneres show and eats bon bons all day on the couch?” Or is it” a mom who has full-time job at home?” There is a cliché out there that stay at home moms have it easy, but from my experience, let me tell you that definitely is not the case . It is full-time job at home where you are doing a lot of cleaning, laundry, taking care of the kids, cooking, dropping/picking the kids up from school you name it!! You have to do everything when you’re a stay at home mom, no two days are the same. For example, I know a friend who recently had a termite infestation at her home (which sounds awful!). She had to call a company like Termite Control Kansas City to help sort out the issue, but whilst she was doing that she still had to look after her kids. I just remember her telling me how stressed she was barbecue it just feels like a 9-5 job at home! But to tell you the truth, I actually enjoy being a stay at home momma! As moms we all have to remember we are all in different situations who have different lifestyles, and there are times where stay at home moms get a reputation where they do nothing.

Here are a few comments that I have heard as a stay at home momma:

1.That’s great that you can afford to stay at home“…. It’s not about the money, it’s about the choice you make to be a stay at home mom! My husband and I felt that by me staying at home with our kids can be very beneficial to them and that I am able to spend one on one time with my kids, but that is a choice that we had made, this may not work for all families. Every mom has their own passion and I chose this, and love it, even though sometimes I feel like I am Martha Stewart in the works, but honestly I enjoy cooking and being a home maker so much, ensuring everything in the house is perfect. Whether it’s giving the home a good clean or buying new matching living room furniture sets. If I enjoy it then I am not going to be complaining.

2. “Wow, you have time to workout and get a manicure and pedicure?……. After a day of cleaning, cooking, picking up after your little one’s, bathing them, feeding them driving them to their extracurricular activities.. A mani/pedi is well deserved or even a 45 minute to 1 hour workout is well worth it and a stress reliever especially the gyms that have a child care is a plus so you can leave your kids their while you workout!! It’s much-needed, every mom deserves some pampering or exercising. If you’re a stay at home mom or a career mom you need time to yourself, and it could be anything from getting a massage, reading a book without having the kids screaming or even just meeting up with a friend for coffee. Everyone needs a “moment”! We do leave the house and we are allowed to! I know someone who has a home security camera for apartment so she can check on her house when she goes out which I thought was a great idea!

3. “Wait, all your schooling went to waste?“….. So I have a bachelor’s degree plus a Master’s degree in education. All my education comes in handy as a stay at home mom. It was my passion to be a teacher, and I am so glad that I can use my skills and knowledge at home with my kids! I am able to implement lesson plans for my kids at home, where they learn to read, write and spell. I love that I have education as my background because it even makes me being a stay at home momma even more proud!

4. Aww, that’s so nice that you can run errands or do your grocery shopping during the weekdays”…. Being a stay at home mom gives me the flexibility to run my errands and grocery shopping. I like that I can go whenever I like, but regardless if you are a stay at home mom or a career mom at the end it’s all about Time Management. Time managing is very hard, if you have a routine and a set schedule it is doable and you can go run errands and go to the grocery store, but like I said it’s all about how you schedule things out!

5. You must have it easy, since you are not working a full-time job.” Actually being a stay at home mom is a full-time job, with tantrums, changing diapers, feeding, sleeping, crying, and fighting (if you have more than one child). Every mom, has their hands full or become a full-time mom once you have your little one. Regardless, if you’re a career mom or not, you still are a full-time mom, because you have to take care of your little one!

So there you have it! Being a stay at home mom is a pretty hard job! But at the end, regardless you are a stay at home mom or a career mom, you still are a full-time mom and every bit should be enjoyed. These little one’s grow up in a blink of an eye, I cannot believe that my older daughter is going to be 5 this year and going to start Kindergarten! So enjoy every moment and time because time is very precious.