our men and their current favorite apps

Our men love their technology. And with all the apps out there, they each have their favorites that makes their life that much more efficient, convenient or more amusing! Some apps can even be used effectively for business dealings, especially if they use a zapier hellosign to integrate these apps for optimal efficiency. Today, we’re sharing four of their must have apps…from apps that help out with workouts, sharing information between phones, football and music…we’re sure the men in your life will love these too! Ladies, you may even find yourself downloading them to your smart phones! Enjoy!

Make it a great Saturday and weekend!

– Chai Mommas

Amar (Neesha’s hubby)

Must have app of the moment: Bump



Gone are the days when exchanging personal information meant that you have to reach into your wallet to exchange personal business cards. That’s so old school. Bump is a cool app that will exchange personal information like contact numbers, e-mail addresses and street addresses plus other info with just the bump of a fist, literally. Just open the app on both of phones you want exchange information between, choose the information to share and bump away. Bump comes in handy when meeting new clients in meeting to after-work happy hours.

“Bump is a great app to share information when you are on the go. You can share contact info if you are networking and it integrates well with other known apps like Dropbox.” – Amar

Amish (Puja’s hubby):

Must have app of the moment: Pandora



Pandora Radio is a free app (or you can upgrade for $3.99 a month to an even higher quality feed with no interruptions) that provides an audio feed that is completely customizable to your musical tastes. It’s simple to use, just open the app and select either a favorite musical artist, song or even an album. Pandora Radio will then automatically start to create these awesome, customized playlists with similar music to the artist, song or album you chose. You can further customize the playlists by letting Pandora know songs that you’re into or not and this information will further refine the music that’s chosen for you.

“I love Pandora since I’m obsessed with music…I produce my own and make beats. Ever since Pandora came on the scene, it goes where ever I go, my office, in the car, on flights, and when I work out. We’re pretty much inseparable since I have the app on my iPhone and my iPhone’s always with me. My wife Puja is even into Pandora now.” – Amish

Hitesh (Shraddha’s hubby):

Must have app at the moment: Nike+ Running


A runner’s best friend…this app map your runs, track your progress and helps you get the motivation you need to reach your goals – if you need that extra cheerleading.Whether you’re outside running in your neighborhood or at the gym on one of those fancy smancy exercise machines, this app will efficiently and accurately record your distance, pace and time. It does this by using your phone’s built in GPS and accelerometer. Plus an audio feedback feature lets you know just how you’re doing at every mile, so you can stay focused on your run or workout. Or you can take a look at the Run Summary after you’re all done to see how you did. And if you’re a real techie nerd or workout maniac, you’ll be impressed that this app can even make cool bar graphs to track the history of all your runs.

“I was recently introduced to this app from Shraddha’s brother, Darshan. It’s a great app to keep me on track when I’m at the gym on the treadmill or lately as I’ve been trying to get in a run or two during the week. It’s easy to use and a slick little app to keep me motivated to exercise and continue to beat my personal best during workouts.” – Hitesh

Vipul (Reena’s hubby):

Must have app of the moment: Yahoo! Fantasy Football



A free, sleek fantasy football apps that offers free live scoring and lets you easily manage teams and starting lineups. You can also manage players by adding or dropping them and view game schedules. He thinks that this app is great. Another popular fantasy sports platform is Fanduel; be sure to check it out too! However, that doesn’t make it perfect! I often hear him say, ‘I wish this app, did this…’ and ‘Why does it keep crashing?!’ therefore he has started reading a mobile agency apps review so that he can figure out how to make his own app in his free time!

“During football season, this is my favorite app. I’m on it all the time when the games are on. It’s an app that has real time live scores, match ups and player news ad stats. One of the main benefits of this app is that it has live scoring, so I can follow my teams during the game. I also like that I can manage multiple leagues through this it, which allows me to keep track of all my games.” – Vipul

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