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Chai Mommas VoteSo by now, if you’re following Chai Mommas via our website, on Twitter or Facebook or are friends with any or all four of us on Facebook…you’ve heard our awesome (maybe slightly annoying…sorry!!) news:




We can’t even begin to describe just all the feelings we each felt after learning about the nomination…the words shocked, excited, honored and grateful come to mind.  Afterall, Parents Magazine is no small thing.  It’s a magazine that sells over 100,000 copies a month (we – yes, the Chai Mommas would be featured in those 100,000 copies if we win!) and has a huge online presence too.  We are huge, huge fans.  Oh another feeling just rushed into my head – humbled.  Just completely and truly humbled – yep, we’re feeling this too.

Hopefully we aren’t annoying you too much with our daily Facebook pleas to vote for us…again.  We just really want to give it our all and maybe – fingers and toes crossed – just maybe have a shot at winning!

Before I go any further – A big thank you to all of you who have voted and who are continuing to vote daily!

Our competition is fierce…some of these blogs have been in the game for more than just a couple of years.  Some of these blogs have over 100,000 visitors per day.  We aren’t naïve to the fact that we’ve got a hard race ahead of us seeing we only launched 8 months ago…but one thing about us, is that we’re not giving up.  Never.

It’s been an amazing year for us – a lot of hard work, dedication, and effort has gone into building this blog…so regardless of the outcome, we’re  happy and proud of just getting the nomination.  We’re incredibly proud of the fact that someone – and not just anyone – noticed that in just 8 months we have an average of 20,000 page views per month.  We’re incredibly proud of all the positive feedback from our followers.  Here are just a few quotes we’ve received since launching…


So, we know we’re doing something right and it makes us feel that much more motivated to keep going.  We made it our mission for this blog to offer a fun, creative, honest place to come to for unique perspectives, tried and tested ideas and methods and pure momma support to make your life as Chief Household Officer maybe just a little easier.  We hope that it has and continues to.  We also hope that all the days in between today and February 24th, that you’ll take just a minute of your day to vote EVERYDAY and let us know that we’ve got your support too.  We’d really appreciate it…thanks. 🙂

To vote, just click here!

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