the darndest things my 4 year old says…..

So the other day I was thinking to myself that I cannot believe my older daughter is turning 5 and going to start Kindergarten this year.  Where has the time gone?? She has grown up way too fast for me.  She is 4 going on 10. I am so amazed on how this little girls mind works and what she is thinking of.   So today I thought I’d share a few of the darndest things she has said to me and my husband …….

the darnest things my 4 yr old says

 Here are some Nyah-isms (as my sister-in-law calls it) :

1. When my stomach started showing with my third child, my daughter had asked me “mommy where do babies come from?”, and I answered ” God creates them”, and her reply back was “Gosh, GOD sure does create a lot of things, why does he always have to create things? ”

2. About few weeks ago, we were at the store and my daughter wanted this toy very badly and I told her that when she saves up some money for it she can buy it, and her answer back was “don’t worry mommy we can just pay for it on daddy’s credit card”…

3.  Every time it rains, my daughter always says” look mom, God’s watering the plants again, and it sure is a lot of it”, don’t you think he’s wasting a lot of water, like how you tell me when I leave the faucet on.”

4. Nyah was playing in the living room and all of a sudden she fell (mind you not she did not fall hard and was just fine), and she tells me” mommy I am in pain, I need a massage badly.”

5. Every time we see a water fountain, my kids always throw a penny into it to make a wish. Almost 2 years ago my father passed away and it has been a little tough and emotional for my family. My daughter was very close to my dad and misses him dearly. So a few months ago, she threw a penny into the fountain, and my husband and I asked her what she wished for? She told us that “she wished for Navin Dada (grandpa) to come back, and that is what she wishes for all the time.” 🙁

6. My husband and I were looking through our wedding album just reminiscing and all of a sudden Nyah yells out “why am I not in any of these pictures?” ” Why was I or Kayden not there, I don’t get it (with an innocent face)!”

7. Nyah, the other day asked my husband and I “why do we have to eat vegetables?”, and we told her because she needs the nutrition in her body to help her grow strong and big. She then replied back to my husband “Well daddy, I don’t see you eat your vegetables and you are big and fat!”

8. I asked her a few months ago what she wanted to be when she gets older and she blurted out “A ROCK STAR MOMMY”!!

As you can see, children are so innocent when they say things, they just go by what they see and hear.  It is amazing how their imagination runs and also how their little tiny brains think! I enjoy every minute of it, because it blows my mind on how their thinking process is developed. It’s developed by what they see, hear and learn and I look forward to hearing what my kids have to say each day because it brings laughter and a smile to my face.

What are some of your children’s “ism’s” or darndest things they have said?


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