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Reena Baby SprinkleAs one of our Chai Mommas, Reena, is expecting her third baby, she was not really up for having a full on baby shower. She wanted to do something chill with her close friends and family without making a huge deal of her having a baby so we threw her a Baby Sprinkle.

What is a Sprinkle? It is something more intimate than a baby shower. It is a pretty new tradition to throw moms who are expecting their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on baby a party without going the whole nine yards of a baby shower. Generally there is no registry for this type of baby celebration and the decorations and food are kept at a minimum but just enough to make that person feel super special for their big day. After all no matter how many kids you have, each time you have one is such a huge milestone in your life!

Our Theme: We went with a “Capture the Moment” theme. In this theme we focused on memories that Reena had with the guests and stayed away from non stop baby talk. We held it at the Coffee Bean in San Diego and turned out to be a perfect place. They were so accommodating we could not have asked for a better venue.

We did a formal but casual table seating if that makes any sense πŸ™‚ We didn’t do formal linens but did have seating set up for each guest. The color theme was lime green, dark purple and hints of orange. For the centerpieces, we made diaper poms which were super easy to make at home. For the purple glitter place mats, we bought scrap paper pieces from Michael’s. We used square paper plates to keep the formal yet casual feeling.

Baby Sprinkle Centerpeice 1Baby Sprinkle Centerpeice 2

plate setting



  • Cucumber Hummus Bites: Pita Chips with 1 slice of cucumber, a dollop of hummus sprinkled with crush red pepper
  • Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Tomato Sandwiches on wheat bread
  • Pimento and Green Onion Sandwiches on Cocktail Bread
  • Pretzel Jelly Bites: 1 cube of any cheese of your choice and a dollop of sweet and spicy jelly on top with mini pretzels on the top and bottom

Cucumber Hummus BitesPretzel Jelly Bites
Mozz and Tomato SandwichPimento and Green Onion Sandwich


  • Meringue Cookies with edible sprinkles
  • Fresh Lemon Bars
  • Mini White Chocolate Strawberry cupcakes
  • Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Fruit Cups

Baby Sprinkle DessertsFruit Cups


  • Memory with the guest of honor: Each guest writes a story about an experience they had with the guest of honor (does not have to be baby related). The guest of honor reads the stories out loud and tries to guess who wrote the story. This was a great game that had everyone laughing away.
  • Wishes to the baby: Each guest filled out the wishes for baby card and a friend can make a scrapbook out of it as a gift to the guest of honor.

Wishes for Baby Collage

These gifts are generally focused on small items such as diapers, wipes or even gifts to the older siblings to get them ready for the new addition. You can never go wrong with books!


  • Photo Coasters: We (meaning Reena’s sister in law) made these amazing set of 2 photo coasters for each guest of honor. The guests loved it as it was a keepsake for them and something they could use. She made these coasters at home using tile squares from a hardware store.



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