10 pieces of spring break advice from mom and dad

Spring break is here…yay!  And this got us thinking about lots of things like easter egg hunts, picking strawberries, trips to the beach and more.  But it also got us reminiscing about our own college spring break adventures.  We’re sure our parents were worried as we excitedly filled our bags with passports, bathing suits, sunscreen and our favorite sunglasses and headed out to that year’s chosen sunny, spring breaker  destination. Afterall, spring break can be a teenager’s dream and a parent’s worst nightmare.

We’re sure we sent chills down mom and dad’s spine as we were running out the door to catch our flights and we’re equally sure that they were either thinking or saying the below (funny) list of advice and warnings.  Maybe you too, heard some of the same things many, many years ago!

And for those of you parents out there with kids who are actually away on spring break, we especially hope for trouble-free, safe trips for everyone!

Happy Spring Break!

– Chai Mommas


1. Don’t lie and tell us you’re volunteering to build houses for the poor in some rural town in Georgia when in fact you’re partying it up in South Padre Island with your crew.

2. Please don’t decide to be all brave and stuff and jump off balconies or tall buildings after indulging in one too many “fun” libations.  It won’t end well, promise.

3. Don’t come home with your first tattoo during spring break.  It won’t turn out right, promise. Remember, “Spring Break 2013” tattooed on your back will never, ever be cute.

4. Don’t come home with a body part pierced…other than your ears.  Please.

5. Please don’t “go wild”.  This means a lot of things we know…just stay clear of all things wild and you’ll be a-ok.

6. Try your best to be responsible and come back home with your passport, identification and wallet.  It’s a challenge to get home without these important things and trust us, you’ll want to come back home asap if this happens.

7. Try not to come home with a new boy or girlfriend you claim you LOVE but have only known for 4 DAYS!

8. Don’t make it a goal to be on MTV’s Spring Break Special.

9. Never ever do anything which means I’ll get a call from the police at 2:30am to be told…”Ma’am your son has been arrested.”  Totally don’t want to be awakened to have to wire money to some Panama City prison.  Although, you know we totally will.

10. And finally, remember it’s always, always totally cool to call mom and dad for any and everything, should you need it while you’re spring breakin’ away. And everyday on the hour for that matter, while you’re gone!

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