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Laila is going to be one years old in a few weeks and soon, I will be ready to wean her off breast milk, (check out our post on weaning tips here). It got me thinking to how amazing this past year of breast-feeding was for her…and for the other ways I used her milk! As odd as it sounds, human breast milk has some interesting uses because of its natural antibodies, anti-infective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are 7 uses for breast milk, other than feeding your little one:

1. Eye Infections/Ear Infections: I started to know there were other uses when Laila was just a month old, she had continuously had a clogged tear duct, and it would eye crusty over, something the doctor said would just go away on its own over time, but could take months. Times when it was worse, I felt so bad for her, even the drops the doctor prescribed didn’t always help. My friend recommended putting a drop of breast milk on it, and sure enough, it totally helped! It cleared up, and never came back, within only 1.5-2 weeks of me doing it almost every day when I would feed her. Pretty amazing, huh? I have heard it helps with ear infections also, but since Laila hasn’t had any, I haven’t personally tried that.

2. Sore/Cracked Nipples: Here’s something else that worked too! When I didn’t have my handy Motherlove nipple cream ready, I would express a little milk and put it on my sore nipples during those beginning months of breast-feeding. And it always helped! It relieves pain, prevents infection, and assists in healing.

3. Skin Cleanser: Breast milk has been used to wash the skin, remove make-up, and clear up acne for adults! While I didn’t try it on myself, Laila did have a little skin irritation/baby acne on her cheek once that I put a few drops of breast milk on and it was gone the next morning:)

4. Contact Lenses: I don’t wear contacts anymore after my Lasik, but I have heard that human breast milk can been used as contact lens solution!

5. Itching and Stinging: We haven’t had to battle these, but it is said that breast milk has been applied to the skin to provide relief from things like insect bites, bee stings, chicken pox and poison ivy.

6. Preventative Medical Uses: Donated milk is also used in certain populations of patients to help prevent Crohn’s disease, colitis and allergies. A friend of mine who cured himself of ulcerative colitis, (check out his site for ‘sound therapy’), takes a powder form of colostrum, (from cow’s milk), every day.

7. Cuts, Minor Burns, Small Wounds: Heard this really works from a friend of mine who placed it on a small burn her little one got! I wouldn’t be surprised! It’s said to work on cuts, burns and wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.

Have you tried or heard of other breast milk uses? Would love to hear below!



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