a mother’s day poem


So today is my FIRST mother’s day and what is even more special is that this month my little one also turn’s a year old. It’s pretty amazing to look back this past year of her growth…but also my growth. Motherhood is a chapter of my life that feels so right and exactly where and how it should be. It’s as if I can’t even recall a life without my little love bug. It also has got me thinking to how, finally, the saying my parents always told me, you will know what we mean when you have your own baby, truly resonates with me. Mom, I do know what you mean now, and so I wrote this poem in dedication to that feeling and so much more.

little fingers wrapped with


i want to protect

your gentle awe-struck eyes

love the way

they smile

you smile

so effortlessly

not easy seeing you grow up

so quickly

proud at your precious steps

practicing patience

when you are just learning

me too

just learning

you teach me to see the world with new eyes

a gift

of joy you are

celebrating this irreplaceable


of truth.

Happy mother’s day to all the amazing mommas out there!



  • Devila shah

    This is so wonderfull poem . Wording are so precious , I love it . I read it on and on during the day.
    Thanks puja write more and more to cheer up the world .

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