a poem for grandparent’s day

grandparent's day poem


Today is grandparent’s day and we couldn’t help but get emotional when we thought of the amazing ways our own parents have connected with our children…not to mention the special bond we all hold with some of our own grandparents. The grandparent and grandchild relationship is one that only hearts can describe and we are truly grateful today…and always for our parents and grandparents who make our families lives feel a deep richness.

Happy Grandparents Day from The Chai Mommas!


This poem is dedicated to all the grandparents out there, know that we cherish you.

“Wise Love”

written by Puja Shah

wrinkled hands

grasp youthful smiles

with a tenderness

only wisdom can hold

as old meet young

and eyes lock 

showing an understanding

of beginnings

and ends

with a connection

of deep laughter

feels like a full circle




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