10 signs you are a type A personality mom

Having a Type A personality is a true challenge once kids get in the picture.  I admit I am type A with a mix of OCD so when things are out of place it really makes me crazy! As I am going through this amazing journey of motherhood  I am learning to let things go and really enjoy the time I do have with my kids but some things I just can’t get go.  Don’t judge me or think I am crazy because I know some of these signs are a bit over the top but hey I’m just being honest!


  1. Your Diaper bag is a survival kit.  You carry not only the necessities but also things that you would need for different situations.  You have an excess amount of snacks/food and probably about 3 pairs of clothes minimum.  You have hand sanitizers, deodorized bags for dirty diapers and even spray to sanitize your pacifiers.  All of these items are strategically packed or organized for easy access.
  2. You HAVE to bathe your kids every day.  Even if they just hung out in the house for the day, they are not going to bed without taking a bath.  If they took a bath in the morning you will most probably wipe them down at night before bed.
  3. Routine is Routine.  Kids thrive off routine but they definitely have off days but you constantly try your best to follow the routine.  Before bedtime, brushing your teeth and getting clean is a must.  Your kids also now have to follow that routine because it has become second nature to them.  Wake up times, nap times, bed times…it’s easy as pie for them now.
  4. Staying in your Pj’s all day is not an option.  After the kids have breakfast or even right after they get up, they need to get dressed for the day.  Going to the grocery store and taking your kids in their PJ’s, NOT HAPPENING.  You get them fully ready to start the day, even if they are just hanging out at home.
  5. You yourself always  look presentable.  Regardless how hard of a day you have, you are not going to roll out of the house with un-shaved legs or greasy hair.  Personal hygiene is something you just can’t compromise on regardless of how tired you are.  You are not spending hours getting ready but you know the tricks to walk out that door smelling fresh regardless of how badly you want a nap.
  6. You choose to feed your kids.  Yes kids need to learn self eating but you freak out when they make a mess.  You are a mom that always wants to feed their kids to avoid the mess.  You will put a bib on your child as long as they will let you and you will always have a wet napkin next to you while you are feeding.  
  7. Your kid’s closet looks like it is from a magazine.  Not only is your closet organized but your kids clothes are organized by type of clothing and color.  All the little nick knacks are organized in baskets and labeled properly.   I admit even my kids wash clothes are color coded and you have every right to think I am crazy at this point 🙂
  8. Your car basically has another diaper bag in it.  In your car you keep extra wipes, diapers, clothes, snacks, sanitzer and even clorex wipes.
  9. Bath toys are always put away.  After each bath, the bath toys are nicely put away to dry.  I would recommend this to all moms because they will grow mold in them.
  10. Your kids pictures are nicely organized by date or event.  You may not be the best at capturing every single moment in your kids life but you sure organize the pictures you do take and send them out to family on a regular basis.

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