10 ways to reduce clutter in your home

After the holidays it seems like you have more stuff in your house than you ever did all year. The amount of toys could probably stock an entire toy store and the amount of clothes/jewelry and bags just looks overwhelming. This year my husband and I made a point to work together and organize the house before the clutter expanded even more once birthdays came.

To be honest, it is about time that we sorted through all the clutter in our home as we are thinking about putting our property on the market. Some friends of ours are property developers so they have been giving us lots of real estate tips and apparently, clearing all the clutter out of your home is a great way to make sure it appeals to potential buyers. We have also thought about investing more into property this year and according to a guide that our friends sent us from the Roofstock website, out of state real estate could be the solution we need. Do you have any real estate or property investment tips? Furthermore, have you found that clearing out the clutter has made your home more attractive to buyers? Let me know your thoughts.

Anyway if you are tempted to give your house a thorough declutter, there are a few steps you can take to ease the process. For example, if you’re really struggling for space, there are companies that offer self-storage services, like these in Ireland, Dublin City Self Storage. Self-storage units are a great solution for keeping hold of bulkier items like furniture or seasonal decorations that can take up valuable space in your home. Plus, no matter where you are in the world, it is relatively simple to find a self storage unit right on your doorstep. For example, even one of my friends who lives in Australia managed to find an excellent self storage facility online using canningvalestorageunits.com.au.

That being said, if you have any larger items that you no longer want and cannot donate to charity then you might want to hire a skip. Hiring a skip is a great way to remove any excess waste and debris from your home during a major sort out! Nowadays you can even complete a skip hire comparison online to find the perfect skip for your needs at the best price. There is no point hanging on to waste after all as it just makes a mess and can even attract pests.

Looking for more ways to reduce clutter? Check out these tips to help clear clutter in your home.

10 ways to reduce clutter 1

  • Spend the extra buck to get shelving units for your toys. You should buy the ones that are not clear or open so when you do clean up the room, you can’t see any toys hanging out. Label each cube so that your kids know exactly where to put all the toys, especially those small ones that you seem to step on right when you have had a super frustrating day 🙂
  • Rotate your toys out. Keep a separate bin of toys and put away old ones. On a quarterly basis rotate them out and you will be amazed of how excited your child will be to get “new” toys. The more toys you have the more likely your kids won’t play with them because they will be overwhelmed so keep it manageable.
  • Use jewelry organizers. Don’t stockpile all your jewelry in one box. Use things like necklace holders and tupperware boxes to place each set in so it’s not a hot mess when you need one piece of jewelry.
  • Use drawer organizers. Especially in your kids room and your junk drawer. It is very critical because you won’t have the urge to just throw things in there when you have separate sections for things you NEED.
  • Don’t keep every single dish your kid gets. It is easy to keep collecting all those plastic cups of their favorite characters but ask yourself, how often are you going to use 15 cups or 12 bowls. Figure out what you use on a regular basis and how often you have people over. Remember worse case you always have paper products that you can throw away 🙂
  • Invest in suction bags. These are critical for storing extra blankets, pillows and even kids clothes. Use just your vacuum to suction the bag closed. It literally saves you over 3/4 the space of putting your items in a trash bag.
  • Create a system for your kids clothes. Kids grow out of their clothes pretty often and its easy for us just to keep piling them in the drawers. Keep bins with different sizes on them and as they don’t fit, transfer the smaller ones into the corresponding bins. Also keeps bins for clothes that are too big for them.
  • Invest in Laundry organizers. As parents we ALL fall behind in laundry and just seeing the basket overflowing adds stress to our lives. Buy yourself a laundry organizer to put whites, delicates, colors etc. Tackle your laundry one basket at a time. This might be a mental thing but it works!
  • Basket for extra toiletries: Between travel supplies and toiletry for the whole family, it can cause a lot of clutter. Give each family member a basket of their own and you will find you have so much stuff you no longer need. It’s easier to know when you need to restock certain supplies.

I hope this helps because I know the clutter in the house really makes a busy mom’s stress level even higher 🙂

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