13 thoughts from bedrest

I’ve had my share of taking it easy while attempting to achieve pregnancy and while being pregnant…but nothing compared to the strict bed rest I was put on a few days shy of 24 weeks during my last pregnancy.

So many emotions surrounded it, so much time to think.  People often would say, “ohhh, I’d love some time to just rest, do nothing, relax, put my feet up, watch a bunch of mindless tv.”  Those people have clearly never been forced to lie flat all day everyday for 3 plus months.  I tried to stay positive, tried to keep myself occupied…but I cannot lie…bed rest just, well for lack of a better term…sucked!!  Because I have extensive experience in the “forced rest from your bed” arena, I decided to come up with a three-part series on it.   The first being this post…just my somewhat humorous musings from my bed while being super prego during the summer!!


  1. I am so super happy we have a tempurpedic (mattress).
  2. Must not watch those crazy baby shows.  My mind is already crazy, do I really need to watch other women’s horror filled labor stories?!
  3. I’ve now spent over 2 hours on Facebook looking at my brother’s friend’s cousin’s sister’s friend list just so I could  look for potential names for my kid. What? This chick has over 1546 friends…how is that even possible?
  4. My kid wants to be with the nanny more than me now. Nooooooo. Wait, did he just call her mommmmy?  NOOOOOOO.
  5. Want to live in a Korean spa for the next ten days minimum.
  6. Never been so excited at having the windows cleaned, just so I get a better view of the outside world.
  7. I think, wait…I KNOW I deserve more than a push present. I’m so getting a bedrest present too.
  8. Crap…hope I remember how to drive.
  9. Don’t ever say you’re bored…one word, kegels.
  10. My husband could never ever EVER do this. EVER.
  11. Resisting nesting while bed resting is so super tricky. It’s complete torture.
  12. Calendar helps…oh wait no it doesn’t if you’re like on a zillion months of bedrest like yours truly.
  13. Gets you thinking about more than yourself ever.  Guess that can be a good thing.

Hang in there mommies on bedrest!!!  And stay tuned for Bedrest Survival Tips and Helping a Friend on Bedrest.



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