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I have three kids and planning a party each year is pretty stressful and can be very expensive! Each of our kids have had the chance to experience a big birthday party at one time or another, but having something big every year can be overwhelming and time consuming especially when you have multiple kids. This year I have had to make the decision to keep things low-key, still exciting and fun but just less stressful and on a budget. Below are just a few alternatives you can use.

* Have a family day: Take your kids to the beach if you live in an area where you have good weather or do a picnic at the park! Make your child’s favorite meal and eat it outdoors, or take them to their favorite restaurant!

* Have a day with just a few of your child’s close friends over or even a sleepover. They can hang out and have movie night or have them over for pizza and cake. We decorated the house with “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” décor and got some balloons and streamers. This simple gesture made the birthday boy shine! He was so amazed when he got home from school and saw the house decorated for his special day. His SMILE was priceless J

* Go on a staycation in your town! My kids love to go on staycations because you have the fun experience of staying in the hotel room, rental house, etc. but as parents it is comforting to know you are still close to home in case you forget something or someone gets sick, etc. It takes away some of the stress that comes with planning an actual vacation. If the weather is nice you can take them to the pool, have a nice diner and relax and watch movies in the room.

* BFF day. Have your child pick a BFF and have them choose a day on the town. They can go get mani/pedi’s done, go play laser tag, or even head to one of those indoor trampoline parks. Whatever activity you choose to do, they will have a blast!! This is a great birthday gift on a budget!

* Birthday gifts for a cause. This year my daughter turns 1 and we have decided that instead of having family and friends bring her gifts, we will ask them to donate to a local children’s hospital in town. If you have older kids this is also great for them. They can pick the charity/cause they want to donate to so they can see where the money will be going and it will make them feel good for making a difference.

*Family day excursion! This year we decided to take my son for his 4th birthday to Disneyland! Expense wise it was not that bad, but just seeing the twinkles in my son’s eyes was priceless! I loved seeing how much he enjoyed himself and knowing he will remember this special trip forever made it all worth it.

* Go out for dessert to local ice cream or yogurt shop. Call a few friends to meet up with you and treat them to ice cream or sundaes! This is great because it is so simple and cost effective and who does not LOVE dessert!

* Bowl with a few friends. What happened to the good old fashion birthday parties? I remember as a kid I would attend a lot of birthday parties at an austin bowling alley. You usually can get a pretty good deal if you plan ahead for a birthday party at your local bowling alley. This is always a lot of fun with older kids!

* A cooking or baking party. This is what I am planning to do for my daughter this year. I was going to invite a few friends of hers over and have a baking birthday party. Maybe have them make their own cupcakes or cookies and then decorate them.
* Book exchange party, Have a few of your child’s friend bring in their favorite book and have them exchange it amongst each other. This is great for kids who love to read!!!! Also, it let’s them enjoy different books!

* Have an All About Me Day with your child. Make it their day, and their time shine and enjoy their birthday! Take them on a shopping spree or to their favorite park. Do an arts and crafts project of their choosing. Make it all about THEM; they will enjoy that so much because your undivided attention is all on them!

* Movie day! Pick a matinee, which is way less then a regular movie ticket and go watch an age appropriate movie. If you bring along your child’s friends, I recommend asking their parents if they are ok with whatever move you pick before you take them. Children love watching movies in the theater! It is inexpensive plus fun and they get to eat popcorn! Or you may wish to invest in some home cinema equipment to turn your living room into the movie theater and save you money in the long run – check out Techcrackblog and get started bringing the fun home!

Well hope these alternative party ideas help you plan your child’s special day! I know that parties can get expensive but there are always alternative ways to have fun and enjoy a birthday!

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