10 most useful kid products and toys

It’s simply amazing how many toys can accumulate in your house.  You probably have not even bought 1/4 of them since most of them were gifts but they just pile up.  As I watch my kids play with the toys, they pick up maybe 1 toy out of the hundreds, play for about 5 minutes then get over it and start moving into the kitchen.  My older son will find something to play for maybe 20 minutes then say, “i’m so bored mommy what do I play?”  Yes I am speechless every time he says that but then I look at my playroom and realize there are so many toys that they probably don’t know what to play with!  I recently went through my toys and really tried to pick out the ones I felt like my money was well worth it and the kids actually played with more than 3 times.  Some of these are pricey and some are cheap but I must say my kids have loved them.  I also went through my products I have and some of them have been lifesavers!

Magnatiles:  Goodbye legos, hello magnatiles.  They are a mess free, break free toy that all kids love.  My 1 year old and 4 year old play with them.  It’s the first thing kids go to when they come over to our house.  If you are purchasing these get the set of 100.  I bought the set of 30 and was not enough to build much.


Step 2 desk:  A great desk for my 4 year old.  It has plenty of compartments that he can keep organized. It also has a marker board that he can use and it comes with a stool.  It’s not huge and doesn’t take up much space.  He loves having reading or homework time on his desk because he feels like mommy and daddy at work!


Dress up Clothes:  I keep a tub of dress of clothes which includes old Halloween costumes.  Both kids love it because they put on so many different outfits and play together.  When you see some fun props on sale just pick them up because they will always use them.

Play Kitchen:  I have two boys and they love their play kitchen.  It keeps both of them so busy at times it’s great!  As they get a bit older you can buy the vegetables with the fake chopping knife to focus on hand eye coordination skills.


Water Table:  It’s the most exciting time when Summer starts and the kids get to play outside on the water table.  You don’t have to worry about getting all ready for the pool, just let them be free and they will have a blast! It is very easy clean up.

Water Table

Kids table:  Our table turns into a lego table but the chairs are not very stable.  This is a great investment for when other kids come over too and they have a place to play and eat.  It was great for us when transitioning our son from being strapped in a chair to just sitting in a chair.


Bright Stars lots of links:  You may think “baby toy” when you look at these but these links can be used in a number of different ways.  Use them to clip things to your child’s book bag or sports bag.  You can even use them when you have to carry a bunch of stuff to the beach, clip your sand toys on them. Use them to organize your child’s artwork by whole punching the papers.


Stainless Steel water bottle and food thermos:  The food thermos is great for packing hot lunches.  If you heat up some pasta, it will stay warm by lunch time for the kids.  It’s a great investment, I have been using both my water bottle and thermos for almost 3 years now and still going strong.  The water bottle is great, does not leak and the straw is very easy to clean:

Water BottleThermos

Sonicare electronic toothbrush with timer for kids:  When my son wanted to start brushing on his own, I knew for a fact he wouldn’t do it for 2 minutes on his own time.  This brush has made life so much easier because he can just get dressed and brush his own teeth so we can get ready at the same time!  Anything to save 10 minute in the morning rush 🙂


Containers with removable ice packs:  I use these containers for both my kids.  They are great for an outing at the zoo or a trip on the plane.  It’s less weight you have to carry because the ice packs are built in and the food stays super cold!



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