15 free educational kids websites

With my 4-year-old starting Pre-K this year, I have been working hard to ensure he knows everything he needs to get the most out of it. I’ve been looking at activities to improve reading skills in children, got him to use better pen control, and worked on his speech because his pronunciation isn’t the best. With this being said, I really wanted to find a way for him to use the computer but for educational purposes. There are so many websites out there for kids to play educational games but I know as parents we often times don’t have time to sit and look through all of them. I created a list of 15 free educational kids websites for all ages that I hope is helpful to others.

Best Websites

1. PBS Kids Org

This website is great for the younger ones from Pre-K to Kindergarten. All their games relate to one of the PBS Kids shows and they have a variety of subjects such as letters, science, healthy habits, nature and so much more.

2. National Geographic for Kids

For those animal loving little ones, this website is great. It’s full of short videos on various animals for your kids to learn fun facts, tons of quizzes to see what they are learning, recipes to try and even crafts.

3. Funbrain

This is geared towards a bit older than Pre-K age but still a great site for videos and games on math and reading

4. Starfall

This program taught my son to read before he turned 2! It’s great and I know a lot of schools use this program also. They focus on phonics in a way that kids really get it. I started with the Starfall Learn to Read Collection for his to practice reading.

5. ABCya

This site is geared towards K thru 5th grade. The best part is the games are created by certified teachers and they cover a wide vareity of subjects. It’s very easy to use and kids love it.

6. e-learning for kids

Focusing on grades K and up, this site has a ton of educational games for Math, Science, Health, Environmental, Health,Computer Skills, Language Arts and Life Skills.

7. About kids help

This site is is full of animations, games and videos that teach your kid to stay healthy. If your child has a specific health condition, it has a ton of videos specializing in teaching your child on how to deal with it.

8. Lil-Fingers

This site is geared towards toddlers and focuses on story time, games and coloring printables.

9. Kids Astronomy

For the older kids, this site is a very interactive site that teaches kids about astronomy and has fun games too!

10. Speakboos

A great site for reading. The stories are read by celebrities and there are so many to choose from.

11. Spatulatta

For those kids that love to cook, its a kid friendly website full of recipes and cooking videos.

12. Wonderopolis

A place to discover a new wonder each day. This site teaches kids about anything and everything and helps spark their imaginations.

13. NASA Kids Club

For ages 7 and up, this site is filled with fun and games to teach kid about outer space and what NASA does.

14. First Palette

For this kids and parents that love crafts, this is filled with printable or crafts ideas with instructions for each one.

15. Chillola

A great website to start teaching your child a foreign language. It teaches simple words in many languages such as Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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