3 easy ways to protect your kids from pool chemicals

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Laila’s been in swim lessons for the last few months and while I love how she is picking up such an essential life skill, the all natural momma in me is NOT loving the chlorine in the pool! And while the chlorine is definitely helping us safe from pool germs, (and the pool we go to is a private one which seems to use less chlorine and has other methods, and feels not nearly as bad as the public pool we have been to in the past), I still wanted to find ways to help her stay safe from all those pool chemicals! If you have a pool in your garden, make sure you clean it thoroughly every time it starts to look a bit grubby. This pool cleaners guide helps explain things a little more if you’re unsure what to do though. If your pool isn’t clean, there’s no point in doing any of these steps below!

Here are three easy and natural DIY ways you can protect your little ones from chlorine:

1. Rinse off BEFORE you get into the pool. Since our hair and skin are almost like sponges, if you saturate with clean water it can possibly help prevent your body from absorbing the chlorine as much. Plus, when chlorine reacts with the ammonia your body produces from sweat, it produces a compound called chloramine which is not good! If you rinse off before, you can reduce that compound being formed on the skin. And of course, showering afterwards is a good idea too 😉

coconut oil for skin

2. By putting on a thin layer of coconut oil on your skin and in the hair before swimming, you give your skin an extra layer of protection. Naturally, your skin is covered in a little film called the acid mantle that your sebaceous glands (oil glands) produce to be a barrier to contaminants but when you swim in a pool, the mantle is stripped away. Coconut oil comes close to this mantle layer, (lotions are not), so its a great way to add some protection. Plus if you swim in an outdoor pool, coconut oil can act as a safe and natural mild sunscreen.


3. This one is my favorite tip because it’s so interesting! (yes, the science geek in me loves it) There’s this article by an engineer that says that Vitamin C can neutralize chlorine and chloramine! So I just take a spray bottle with some filtered/spring water and mix in some of this liquid vitamin C that is safe for kids I found and voila! Spray it on all over body and hair, (kids love spraying things anyway), after getting out of the pool and use some in the shower too. I use a measure of 1 teaspoon to every 8 ounces of water.

vitamin c liquid

So now I totally don’t feel as bad every week for that half hour lesson as she kicks, blows bubbles and splashes around with giggles and smiles! Have any tips on this? Would love to hear!


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