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So recently we got asked to try out Farm Fresh To You, a certified organic produce delivery service. I usually buy my fruits and veggies via my local farmers market every week, or from a local organic grocery store that where I know I can trust my produce won’t be sprayed with chemicals ever or have not traveled from far away places like Costa Rica.

I was excited about Farm Fresh To You since their story is so sweet.

Thaddeus and Moyra, who work in this family company and have two children, Lola and Lucca.

Born on the farm in Capay, Thaddeus showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing some of the custom tractor modifications and tools used on the farm today. In 2004, Thaddeus graduated with a degree in Agriculture Engineering from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and moved to San Francisco to start the company’s first retail store and pursue his appreciation for the art of real food and cuisine at culinary school. In 2005, Thaddeus felt driven to continue his connection to the family farm and took on the role as farm manager, actively focusing on selecting, growing and testing specialty produce varieties – chosen for taste not transportability. Today, Thaddeus continues his work of growing a better food system through their own farm and our connection to their farm partners. As a well-spoken and passionate advocate for local and sustainable food systems, he shares his farm experiences with CSA members in a weekly farm news, leads classes for future farmers, participates in panels/conferences and speaks with the media as an industry expert on the progressive change in our food system.

Their farm itself, Capay Organic, is a second-generation organic farm that got its start in the Coastal Range’s Capay Valley, 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 35 miles west of Sacramento, (not too far from where we live in SoCal).

The Capay Valley’s unique microclimate and soil type provides an environment in which we successfully produce an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Taking it one step further, Capay Organic takes special care to select and grow specific crop varieties where exceptional flavor is the focus, (yum).

The farm was founded by their parents, Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes, in 1976 – marking the early stages of the organic foods movement. Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, they realized that there was a niche for quality organic produce grown the way that nature intended it to be – organically.

Kathleen spent her life raising her four boys and farming there, so it just means so much as a fellow momma that I know this place was one of love, toddlers running around and a true wish for family healthy organic living.

And while we had intended to have our garden complete this year, between traveling and other family chaos, we never got to it. So I thought, why not try this, it’s a great alternative.

I went to their website, and it was so easy to see if they deliver to your area, set up an account, select a box type, (mixed fruit and veggie, no cooking box, fruit box, veggie box), choose a size, (small, regular, more or monster), and then a day of the week for either weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks or every 4 weeks delivery.

They also have other services like vacation hold, donate a box to the help heal hunger program, refer a friend benefits, gift cards and more.

I was also interested to learn that Farm Fresh To You make use of some revolutionary commercial refrigeration units. Their on-site fridges keep your fresh produce chilled from the very second it is harvested from the ground until it is packed and sent to your home. This keeps their crops fresher for longer so that when your groceries finally arrive on your doorstep they are likely to last longer than if they were kept at room temperature.

Furthermore, what I loved is unlike other CSA’s where you get what the farm has and sends, here, you have a choice. The box is set up with what they have, then a week before delivery, you get an email where you can swap things out for other items. For instance, I didn’t need any potatoes that was in my box, so I swapped them out for avocados.

And speaking of, my husband said they were some of the best he has ever eaten…(and to be honest, we LOVE avocados, so we have tried our fair share).

Plus Laila loved digging through the box with me, she’s already asked me for the grapes again, (those too were unbelievably yummy).

Don’t get me wrong, we won’t stop going to our famer’s market, but instead of wondering if we will get there in time for veggies, what will be left, we can go and enjoy the music, meet our friends, buy some fresh juice and nuts, (and the other veggies or fruits that aren’t in our box that we love there), but mainly, do what Sundays are meant for… Sunday morning family time while Farm Fresh To You gathers our box and gets it ready from their home to ours.

How do you be sure to have fresh organic fruits and veggies on the table every week? Would love to hear below!



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