10 things every mom should do for themselves

Our lives are crazy and there is no other way to describe it but you make the choice for it being good crazy or bad crazy.  There are days I find myself asking why is life so crazy all the time or why do I never get a minute to do anything?  Why am I always in the kitchen or running after the kids?  I then realize I made the choice to be in this position and I can make a choice to change it so my life doesn’t always have to be this crazy.  Things come up and with kids its never black or white, something always throws you for a loop but it’s how you manage those changes on a day to day basis is what will make you mentality as a parent healthier.

The week of Halloween both my kids and I caught the stomach bug.  I had everything going against me, my little one needed mommy and I couldn’t help, my older one wanted mommy and I couldn’t help , my husband was running around with this head cut off trying to take care of us and the worst part, my kids didn’t get to go trick or treating!  Umm def had the worst mom ever feeling at that point but I took a step back.  That stomach bug was out of my control and there was nothing I could do until I got better.  The minute I felt even remotely better I was back on my feet and going strong to get the house back in order but I forgot about one thing, letting myself heal.  That’s when I took a minute to reflect on my motherhood life and realized I NEVER take time for myself and mommas you don’t realize it when you have 1000 things going on but it does take a toll on you.  There are so many things we can do as moms but we feel guilty that we are leaving the kids or not doing housework or being the best wife that we often times are punishing ourselves without even knowing it.  For 2015 I made a list of things I promise to do for myself and I wanted to share to let all mommies know that it’s OK to have fun outside your family routine sometimes 🙂

10 things every mom should do

10 things every mom should do for themselves

  1. Dress up once a week:  I work from home and it often times leaves me dropping my kids off in sweats!  Get ready and make yourself pretty even if it’s grabbing a quick bite to eat.  It’s a confidence booster and will make you feel so good.
  2. Plan a yearly girls trip:  I went on my first girls trip last week in 4 years.  I always had things going on and didn’t think it was a priority but guess what, after this trip it was the most refreshing, mind clearing non-stressful trip of my life!  I have not laughed that hard in a long time and came back feeling like a new person.  It’s a total different scene than a family vacay but essential in your life!
  3. Let others help you:  We always want to do it all but we can’t!  My parents don’t live near me but when I do see my parents I let my mom step in and do anything she can.  That one less meal you have to cook or one less night time routine you have to do gives you back like 1 hour of your day 🙂
  4. Spoil yourself:  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  If you are not into shopping, treat yourself to something nice.  A piece of jewelry or a new pair of sunglasses that will make you feel fabulous.  Walk away from Children’s Place and Carters just for that 1 time and do something for yourself.  My husband has been amazing at this and treats me once a year to a shopping spree because I really have given up shopping for myself with kids.
  5. Give Back:  We are always giving to our family and kids but know that you are able to give back to anyone anytime.  Attend a charity even with your significant other or girlfriends and feel like you made a difference not just in your home but also in the world.
  6. Read non parental things:  Parents magazine is all over our kindles, smartphones, iPads etc but read something you enjoy for once!  I am finally subscribing to non parent magazines and it feels really good!
  7. Get a go-to- friend:  Okay this may sound weird but you need that go to friend.  The friend that can talk to you about anything and you feel so comfortable around.  A place where there is no judging or competition.  I am blessed to have an amazing go-to-friend!  Use that go-to-friend to grab a cup of coffee or even watch your kids once in a while.  It’s what friends are for.
  8. Plan a monthly get together:  I can’t emphasize how important this is!  I never used to go out because I didn’t wanna leave my kids because I felt guilty.  Plan a happy hour or do tea time with friends.  One night a month will feel like a weekend of fun on those crazy weekdays.  It takes us months to plan with everyone’s schedule but so worth it.
  9. Get a workout buddy:  So I started this about 6 months ago and has made a huge difference for motivation.  Find a friend with a similar lifestyle as you and workout with them as much you can.  Don’t ask your single friend who wants to meet at 8pm during bedtime routines because it won’t work.  We workout 5 days a week now and has made a huge difference in both our lives.  Not only do we get some friendship time together we are bettering ourselves both physically and mentally.
  10. Compliment yourself:  Ask yourself how often do you focus on the good you did for that day?  Probably never.  I myself last night was so busy complaining about how much laundry I had to do I didn’t focus on the fact that I got so much other stuff done and still spent time with my kids.   Take time to reflect on all the good that you did each night before bed and make you appreciate yourself more.

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