8 DIY valentine cards for classmates

Valentines day is just around the corner, and every year we try to make our own valentines for my kiddos classroom,(plus it’s sometimes cheaper this way).  I know it can get a little time-consuming and messy, but I promise the kids will have a blast making them and you will have no regrets!  I had seen a few ideas on the internet and decided to put my own creativity to it. There are a few valentines that are healthy alternatives to the usual candy.  Hope you will enjoy making these as much as I did with my kiddos!

Glow stick Valentine


Cut out small heart shape in red and a medium heart shape in white construction paper, paste together and write ” You make my heart glow“. Punch 2 holes about 1.5 inches away in the center and place the glow stick through the holes. You can buy construction paper and glow sticks here: Crayola Construction Paper, Assorted Colors, and Glow Stick Bracelets Party Pack.

 Super hero blow pop Valentine

blowpop valentine Cut out a medium size rectangular shape construction paper any size and color for the cape and a small rectangular shape for the mask and draw 2 eyes. On the cape write “Have a SUPER Valentines day“.  Punch a hole on the top center of the cape and pull through the blow pop stick and tape or glue on the mask on the pop. You can buy the blow pops and construction paper here: Blow Pop, Assorted, 100-Count Pops and Crayola Construction Paper, Assorted Colors

Pencil Valentine

pencil valentine

Cut out a large heart shape in any scrap booking paper design and a medium size heart in construction paper.  Glue the hearts together.  On the construction paper heart write “You are just WRITE for me” . Then punch 2 holes in the center of the hearts 3 inches apart and insert your pencil. You can purchase Valentine Day pencils in packs here: Valentine’s Pencil Assortment

Bubbles Valentine


Cut out a long rectangular size strip of white construction paper and write “ You give me BUBBLES” and glue or tape the ends to the bubble container. You can buy the bubbles in bulk and permanent markers here: Bubble Bottles Assortment (12-Pack)  and Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Marker, 24-Pack Assorted Colors

Book mark Valentine


At Home Depot or Lowes or any paint store you can get the paint strips in the red or pink color palate. Punch a hole on top of the strip and put a ribbon through it. For this one you can use all kinds of things to decorate it. You can use puffy paints to make hearts, heart stickers and glitter. You can purchase these items here: I Love To Create Scribbles 3D Fabric PaintValentine’s day Red Heart Stickers, and Glitter Assortment.

 Gold fish Valentine


In a Ziploc bag put a handful of goldfish. Cut a white construction paper measuring the size of the Ziploc bag long ways, long enough to put over the Ziploc bags closing. On the paper write “So happy we are in the same school” and decorate the sign. Place the sign over the bag and staple the 2 ends. You can buy these items here: Ziploc Sandwich Bags,  and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

 Banana Valentine


Cut out a large and small heart shape and punch a hole in the center top of the heart. On the small heart write “I’m BANANS for you”, and tie it around the banana with a ribbon.

Apple sauce Valentine

apple sauce

You can use any pouch apple sauce my favorite is the gogo squeeze one and on a white construction paper you write “ Valentine, you are my main SQUEEZE”. Then punch a hole on the top center and tie it onto the pouch with a ribbon. You can purchase apple sauces here: GoGo Squeeze Applesauce on the Go Variety Pack 

I would love to hear any other creative ideas you would have that I can add to my list!  Happy Valentines day! 🙂

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