Puchkee Baby Indian Inspired Clothing and Toy Review

puchkee baby review

When the owner of Puchkee Baby, Preethi, contacted us, I was more than excited since it seemed we had a lot in common. Not only is she a mom-preneur, but she adores Indian motifs in clothing and I am always looking for ways to spice up my daughter’s wardrobe, making it feel Indian but fun.

She says, “I have always had a fascination for the vibrant hues and patterns, the ornate handiwork, and the beautiful motifs in Indian design. Further inspired by our baby’s first trip to India, I fell in love with the possibility of bringing these together into simple, elegant pieces for my little girl and her friends. Together with my lovely mom, I hand picked some beautiful fabrics, trims and lovingly designed each piece of clothing in the collection. We have also newly introduced a line of sustainable, handcrafted wooden toys that will make a perfect little addition to your little one’s toy chest.”

Here’s what I love:

chai mommas clothing review

1. The colors and patterns. Vibrant, bold, gorgeous, ethnic but modern and FUN. Check out my daughter in this sweet outfit. What’s exciting is that besides clothing, she curates these awesome bibs (only $10) and adorable burp cloths (only $12) making a perfect present for mommas to be in your life. Who doesn’t want unique patterns and splashes of color adorning their little one?

rev bib 1


2. The craftsmanship. Each thread is perfect. There are no errors here; it just looks and feels durable and well made, (if you have shopped in India before, you know this is not always the case).

3. The softness. Okay so how many times have you put some Indian garb on your little on that they just feel and look uncomfortable in? How many times did their outfit come off  before you even made it to the temple? Well, that’s where this is different. The fabric linings are soft and our outfit was super easy to take on and off. A BIG plus for the little ones.


4. The fast shipping and cute packaging. It was like getting a pretty present in the mail!



5. The toy is awesome. She sent us the handcrafted Tuttu Turtle and I LOVE the natural dye paint finish. If you are an eco-momma too, you’ll get how the sustainable wood thing really got me. Plus it supports an initiative of education, health and employment development of local artists, particularly women, by promoting their independent businesses. The artisans work closely together and collectively to help keep an ancient tradition of toy crafting and lacquerware from South India alive.


Oh and she is giving us a coupon! From now through April 30, 2015, if you use the coupon code ‘CHAIMOMMA’, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 at her Etsy store 🙂 

(note: the wooden toys are currently available only through her Facebook store, so you can click on the link ‘Shop Now’ when you get there).

What are you waiting for?!? Mommas, this is one company you will fall in love with! 


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