The importance of registering your car seat

car seat recall

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about all the millions of car seats that have recently been recalled. My friend got a new 1950 ford f1 and had to buy a new car seat to fit in the car. Luckily she knew that she had to register it! Last year alone there were 6 million, so I think it is a safe bet that some of your seats were included in those recalls. It was one of the largest in U.S. history, but the question being raised is “How many of those car seats were actually fixed?”

A new study shows that 80 percent of parents think car seat registration cards are important, but according to NHTSA only 42 percent of those cards are actually returned.

Here’s what experts recommend you do to ensure your car seats are safe:

Register your car seat: Go to this website. You’ll need the model number and date of manufacture found on the label of your car seat. Or fill out the registration card that came with the car seat and mail it in.

Find out if your car seat has been recalled: Visit the NHTSA’s website, and enter your seat’s brand name and model.

For the safety of my children and my own peace of mind I always make sure to register our seats and I highly recommend you do the same. Because my friend registered their car seat, making a claim on their motor trade insurance online quote was a lot more straightforward, in the event of a company car being in an accident. Also please share this information with your mommy friends so we can spread the word.


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