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festive roots review

My friend Ana reached out to me and said, Puja, you have got to check out Festive Roots, my daughter is loving her Diwali trunk! so when the company’s co-founder Neha and I spoke, it was like she had the answer to what I have always needed.

You see, while I’m totally the creative type when it comes to writing and art, with my busy life, I’m not the mom who searches Pinterest daily for craft ideas. I also admit to going to Etsy plenty of times for birthday banners, cupcake toppers and all the things crafty moms thrive off making themselves, because while I have the ideas, I don’t necessarily have the time.

I am also totally invested in ways I can incorporate culture into my second generation daughter and when I hear of ways to do so, my ears perk up.

Will she know all the stories of the Ramayana like my grandfather told me?

Will she love making huge rangoli designs out of colored rice during Diwali like my mother taught me? 

I realized through books and our home rituals, I can pass that on to her…but there is just so much more to getting a hands on activity in and making it a tradition that speaks volumes to toddlers.

festive roots review

Festive Roots was created out of a passion to teach our children about different cultures around the world.

Founders Neha and Mittal say that living in such a diverse world, they know that this has always been an important goal for us as moms who try our best to educate and get our children excited about our Indian culture and festivals – as our parents did for us. But with hectic lives it gets hard. That’s when their idea came about. Festive Roots aims to provide an interactive way of educating and sharing various cultures with your children and at the same time, brings everyone closer through fun, easy to do activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. They currently have subscriptions featuring the beautiful festivals in India, but say they will be launching more trunks featuring other festivals from around the world shortly.

They way it works is you select one festive trunk or subscribe for 4 different trunks. Each trunk is delivered to your doorstep so your child can celebrate, learn and create with unique crafts, (like the awesome ones in the pic above), pertaining to a specific Indian festival. The added bonus is you get every single item you need to make the craft, including instructions and even scissors and glue!

Check out how much fun my toddler daughter had with our Diwali Trunk:



And with Diwali being right around the corner, Festive Roots is kind enough to offer Chai Mommas readers a $5 discount for either a trunk or subscription.

Simply enter “Chai2015” upon check out at www.festiveroots.com.

Happy almost Diwali mommas and let us know if you try this trunk out, too!


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