10 ways pregnancy is exactly like toddlerhood

pregnancy is like toddlerhood

Pregnancy the second time around is way different than the first, that’s for sure. There’s no leisurely, put your feet up to rest going on here as my toddler runs around.

And as I get more pregnant, I have started to develop this different type of bond with my 3 year old. It’s as if we have a lot in common. Here is how I can really relate to her…

  1. With baby on my bladder, I seem to to “use the potty” just as frequently as my toddler all through out the day.
  2. And on that note, we both are prone to having pee accidents.
  3. I started having to pack 2 of all her snacks when we go anywhere, since when she said, “Mommy I’m hungry” I was reaching for those apple slices also.
  4. 8 pm rolls around and bedtime seems like the best idea…for both of us.
  5. We both get emotional…the hormones kick in for me and I’m in tears. For her, we give her the Hello Kitty bowl instead of the monkey one and the tears start. My husband is usually dumbfounded between the two of us. Let’s just say there are a lot of hugs.
  6. We both need afternoon naps.
  7. We both can’t find our belongings. She loses her crayons, I lose my car keys all in the same 10 minutes.
  8. We both have weird and random food aversions.
  9.  But we both really seem to LOVE ice cream.
  10. And it always spills on our shirts…mine on my belly, hers on her sleeves.

What I love most though is just when I am thinking of kissing the little one moving around inside of me, my toddler, who is the perfect height to kiss my belly, does just that 🙂



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