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This second pregnancy has been way different especially in regards to prepping for birthing from my first pregnancy in so many ways. I actually haven’t prepared much, except for one thing…which I’ll get to in a minute.

Last time, I practiced yoga daily, moving my hips in countless circles on my mat to get my body in tune with the birthing process. I took care of and nurtured my body with regular chiropractic care, weekly acupuncture and even massage.

Last time my husband and I went to classes about birthing, swaddling, nursing, you name it.

I meditated every night and pictured the little girl growing inside of me. I prepped her nursery and organized everything months before she arrived.

Let me tell you how this time things have been a little different this second time around…

My yoga practice has been hit or miss, (whenever I can fit it between work deadlines and running to get my daughter to school on time), my chiropractor sees me somewhat regularly now, but in the beginning it was quite a task to fit an appointment in. I gave myself the gift of a massage the other day and almost contemplated never getting up from the table after, it had been so long since I had that and felt so good.

We haven’t attended any prep classes this time around. We are unpacking the bassinet only now, (okay tonight), and I am 38 weeks already.

Plus, my meditation has been more focused on getting myself through my toddler’s very opinionated emotions rather than this baby to be.

So what did I do to prepare?

There’s this birthing tool my good friend Megan created that was easy and allowed me to focus for a minute.

Megan is a mother herself (to the cutest little boy) and came up with this amazing idea during her pregnancy that helps decrease your anxiety and fear around your upcoming birth, especially if you haven’t prepared like I haven’t this time!

It actually helps you create the birth of your dreams and doesn’t take long at all.

It’s all revolves around a personal 2 minute visualization video called a “Mind Movie,” which helps you reprogram your expectations and mindset around the big event.

Visualization is actually really powerful. I use it personally and in my guided meditations for clients as a yoga instructor and meditation coach.  There’s been a bunch of university studies through the years showing that visualization has remarkable physical health benefits, including boosting immunity, easing depression, relieving insomnia, decreasing stress and alleviating head aches or chronic pain.

This awesome video explains how this particular visualization works and Megan’s incredible, but scary, birth! (plus I tell you about my take on it too)

And at full term, ready to give birth any day now, this is just what I needed.

Even if I have already been through birth a few years ago, I had so many thoughts.

I needed to open my mind and try to have as few expectations as possible. That’s not to say I’m releasing my power, but I am accepting that there are things I can’t control. If I set myself up with all kinds of expectations and they don’t play out, I may feel disappointed and guilty. Those are not feelings I care to bring with me at the birth of my child.

Letting go actually makes me feel more empowered going in. 

The Mind Movies For Moms program allowed me to create a birth plan with their amazing birth plan writing process that I can take with me to the hospital now and a short visualization to watch every day (that becomes personal with a few photo uploads and songs, visuals from their library and incorporates the law of attraction).

I put photos of my daughter, husband, ultrasound pics of my soon to be little one, photos of myself that reminded me to stay strong and present and even some of nature. I chose a song that had spiritual significance to me to play in the background. I was able to have affirmations play during the movie that spoke to me in a profound way.

Every time I watch my Mind Movie, I get tears full of gratitude in my eyes.

Going through my Mind Movie itself inspired me to create a special birthing bliss guided meditation as well that is focused on the beauty of the process which I am giving for free to a limited amount of people if you join Mind Movies For Moms.

Click here to download your own Mind Movie, and check out that Special Gift and Meditation Bonus after you grab your free copy. Access is limited to do so ASAP.

And to all my fellow soon to be mommas out there, sending love and light from one belly to another!



  • Megan

    This is great Momma! Thank you so much for sharing. PS: Bo still brings me Laila’s Lullaby all the time. It is one of his favorites. I think he is a yogi in the making.

  • Sheetal

    Nice article. I had similar experience to share. Even I had one school going boy to take care of so couldn’t prepare myself much this time With my second delivery during labor process and delivery time I pictured a complete happy family in my mind. I visualized four of us going places, playing together ,having fun time. It helped me a lot to distract myself from pain. I played some religious song on my phone continuously.Even my nurse was surprised and tole me that I had kept smiling face till the baby got out.:) Second time I didnt get any epidural so labor was really painful but was all worth it. Now I am a mom of 8 years and 2 years old boys.:)

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