pajama birthday party

This year for my niece Aria’s birthday, my sister in law thought of a creative spin on the traditional pajama birthday party.  Instead of an actual sleepover…it contained all the elements minus that ‘staying over all night’ part.  And that took out the stress for her and maybe even the other kids’ parents.  Because even though Aria is now eight and sleepovers are becoming more and more a reality, her parents like many I know aren’t as keen on the idea.  Not yet anyways.  Maybe never, if you ask my brother!

birthday girl

But this was the second best thing and when Aria asked for a sleepover celebration, my sister in law went above and beyond to make sure it felt like the typical pajama party and a birthday she won’t soon forget.

Here are the easy party details.


The invite requested the everyone come in pajamas.  Party time was from 4-8pm.

The first thing the girls did when they came over was a craft.  Everyone got a to decorate their own pillow cover.  There was a spread of puffy paint and fabric markers and everyone went to work personalizing. This also served as the gift for everyone to take home.  When they were done, all the girls lined up to sign Aria’s pillowcase…she loves her signed pillowcase!




Next, was dinner time.  Ankita made pancakes and everyone got to pick out their fillings and toppings. There was pizza too.


After dinner, it was time for a movie.  All the girls got cozy with pillows and blankets on the sofa.  Of course there was popcorn.  And after the movie, there were cupcakes because it’s not a party without cake!


They even took advantage of the photo wall and props that were used for Aria’s daddy’s birthday the weekend before – that was a huge hit.


Overall, the party was a great success and everyone had a terrific time…as you can see from these cute smiles.

Happy birthday my sweet pumpkin,  EIGHT year old Aria!  Love you to pieces. xoxo.



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