festive roots: holi trunk of crafts

holi festive roots trunk

(photo courtesy of Grishma Patel)


Back in the fall time, The Chai Mommas were introduced to Festive Roots and loved their Diwali trunk of crafts I had tried with my little one.

Let me tell you about how awesome these kits have been for me…


You wanted to do a cool craft on an upcoming holiday with your little one BUT work, school, dinner, just plain life got crazy and you never made it to Michael’s to pull together the awesome idea on Pinterest you saw.

Sound like you too?

That’s me. And I seriously love Festive Roots for getting… me. They truly understand how I, like many moms out there, are not the ones who can make a real looking bouquet of flowers from recycled newspaper or a crazy awesome play kitchen out of a few Amazon cardboard boxes.

So their fully loaded, ready to go boxes of crafts are just perfect. Here’s my take on their recent Holi trunk.

Holi is such a fun holiday that we always try to do something special; this year it falls on March 23rd.

What is Holi?

Festive Roots does a great job in telling to stories and origin of Holi without making it too complicated for kids.

“Holi is one of the main Indian festivals and has been celebrated since ancient times. It is known as the Spring Festival as it welcomes spring and the new life and energy that the season brings. The Festival of Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, and of hope, joy and the promise of bright summer days. It is also known as the festival of Color and Love. People of all religions and backgrounds participate in this fun, colorful festival, and is celebrated by many people around the world.”

The mini booklet goes on to talk about what makes Holi special for kids, when it is, legends around Holi and of course how it is celebrated with bon fires, dancing, singing, sweets and smearing color from dry powder and colored water on one another as a community.

The kit includes every item you need to make 2 themed crafts, (painting craft and bonfire craft) and some rang or gulal (colored powder) for the festive holiday.


We chose to do the bonfire craft first and decided to save the colored powder for a picnic we are attending in a few weeks.

My 3 year loved it! It was also really special bonding time for her and grandma, who is visiting. I just had a newborn, so this was great to keep my toddler busy and felt like a special way to introduce Holi to her. She can’t wait to do the painting craft I told her we would save for the actual Holi holiday.

In honor of all the fun Holi has to bring this spring, Festive Roots is giving all of us a special deal. For $5 off a trunk or on a subscription simply enter “chaimommas” upon check out at www.festiveroots.com.

Happy Holi!



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