DIY kids table and chair set

DIY chair

A few weeks ago my creative sister-in-law sent me a picture of this chair and table set and absolutely loved it! She is so good at doing stuff like this! Plus she makes it so easy and buys all her supplies on a budget! Check out how he made this table set from Ikea!


Here are the things you will need:

Ikea Latt Table and Chair Set

Paint (sample of Behr Paint from Home Depot – $3 (gray) & White Acrylic Paint from Michaels or Joann’s))

1 inch Foam Cushion (Joann’s)

Fabric of your choice

Painters Tape

Paint Brush

Staple Gun or Duct Tape

For Optional Paper Roll:

Paper Roll (Mala from Ikea fits on the long side, or Amazon for one from the shorter side)

Curtain Rod (From Daiso – $1.50) Daiso is a Japanese Dollar Store

Trim Pieces (from Michaels)

Hacksaw (about $4 from a hardware store)

Hammer and Nails

DIY table


  1. Open up Ikea Latt Table and Chair set. Set up your painting area with a drop cloth. I used an old sheet.
  2. Tape off the bottom of the chair legs and the chair back with painters tape
  3. Paint all pieces with the main color (mine was gray). Let it completely dry.
  4. Remove Tape and tape off the painted part (the gray) and paint the legs and chair back white. Let that completely dry.
  5. While the paint is drying get the cushion ready. Cut the foam in a square so that it fits just inside each of the corner cutouts in the seat. Cut the fabric so that its 3-4 inches longer on each side than the seat. Lay the fabric right side down and center the cushion and seat on the fabric. You then pull it tight and either staple or duct tape the fabric down. Do that for the other cushion as well
  6. Once all the paint has dried and the tape has removed, assemble the table according to the directions that came with it.
  7. When you assemble the chair, don’t follow the instructions that came with the table. Put the cushion into the back and once side piece, then attach the other side and front. You may have to use a little bit of force or a hammer to help you get it in. (if you do use a hammer then make sure to cover the part you hammer down with a towel so that you don’t damage the wood.)
  8. Do the same for the other chair.
  9. For the paper roll: Choose if you want to put the paper roll on the longer or shorter side. For my table I used the shorter side. I measured the trim pieces to the shorter side so that my paper ran long ways. I then used a hacksaw to cut the trim to fit the shorter side and painted them the same color as my main table and chair color. Using a hammer I nailed the trim pieces to the shorter sides. This creates a space for my paper to go under so that it stays in place. I then put the paper roll through the curtain rod and secured it into place. If you don’t have a Daiso near you or can find a curtain rod that small then you can purchase a dowel and dowel socket kit from the hardware store and fasten it.

There you have it! Hope easy and simple is this little cute table to make! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like to add to this!


Credit to: Nisha Patel 🙂

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