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Packing Cubes

So my new obsession is packing cubes!

It’s so exciting when you finally book travel plans for a vacation with your kids. Then comes the packing situation. I long for the days when all I needed to take with me on vacation was something like it cabin luggage, but I’m afraid you dont really get that privilege when you have kids. I am a very organized packer but with kids it becomes very challenging to keep all your stuff together. Once you get into that hotel room and your kids are changing 3 times a day from pjs to pool gear to dinner wear…the suitcase seems to explode.

I recently invested in packing cubes of course off Amazon Prime and they have made packing so much more manageable. Here are the Rusoji Packing Cubes I bought. I bought a set for each person in my family and here is why I love them!

  • Each type of clothing goes into their own cube so you are not going through the entire suitcase looking for a shirt. I put shirts in one, under garments in one, pants in one etc.
  • The kids can manage their own suitcase. They know where to put back each item. It my not be folded the best, but better than a suitcase that overflows with clothes.
  • Each person has their own designated color. When it’s time to pack, my older one just gets out his cubes and he can start putting his stuff in them.
  • Unpacking is even easier. We leave one for dirty clothes, so as soon as we get home…we dump them into the washing machine.
  • The cubes are flexible so you will be amazed at how much fits in them.

The list could go on forever. This is one product I would recommend to all families.

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