A new tool to solve one of the biggest breastfeeding challenges


Picture taken from http://www.fastcompany.com/3059353/this-startup-just-solved-one-of-the-biggest-challenges-of-breastfeeding

A startup company from Israeli called MomSense has developed a tool to directly address the concern that most breastfeeding moms have of “is my baby getting enough milk.”  The product is a regular pair of headphones that attaches to smartphones and tablets.  It also has a little piece that attaches to a spot on the skin right below the baby’s earlobe.

So how does this thing work?  It amplifies the sound of your baby swallowing during breastfeeding and at the same time there is an animation on your device that shows the patterns of sucking and swallowing.  Once you are done feeding your baby, the device will tell you how much your baby ate.

The CEO of MomSense stated “It allows a mom to develop a sense of how her baby is feeding.  In one or two sessions, she knows how to identify how her baby’s swallow sounds.”

This technology is a result of four years of research and testing.  The MomSense team also brought in hundreds of breastfeeding moms so they can observe and record the baby’s feeds.  They also weighed the babies before and after to get a sense of how much the baby was consuming.

This device is now available at Target and they are hoping to release it to other major retailers in the next few months.

Video and article content taken from: http://www.fastcompany.com/3059353/this-startup-just-solved-one-of-the-biggest-challenges-of-breastfeeding

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