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Mommy moments
Most of us played the game never have I ever growing up. It was one of the best games to play sitting around with friends but now that we have become moms, you can only image the “never have I ever statements” we have. For one they are way more PG. This game reminds us that we all mess up and we all try our best but no one is a perfect mom. In fact we should take our mess ups and use it as reason to laugh and connect with other moms.

To all my moms out there, take a sip of wine if you have done these and see what you end up like after this list!

Here we go!

Never have I ever….

1. Frantically searched for your car keys rushing out of the house only to realize minutes later they were in your hands.
2. Put on an outfit and realized there was throw up stains on them after you got to your destination.
3. Forgotten to RSVP for your kid’s friend’s birthday party.
4. Given your kids major iPAD time just to take some time for yourself.
5. Missed an event at your kid’s school because you totally forgot.
6. Really not listen to your kid’s question even though they asked 5 times.
7. Been that mom on a playdate that forgot to bring the snacks
8. By being that crafty mom you meant buying everything on Amazon Prime and putting them in pretty bags.
9. Forgot it was Pajama Day at school.
10. Totally walked around with a leaky boob and had no idea.
11. Spent extra time in the bathroom just to get a minute alone.
12. Been the embarrassed mom who’s kid is throwing a tantrum in a public place.
13. Forgotten to buckle your kids car seat straps.
14. Told your kids you promise they could have something and because they forgot you conveniently didn’t remind them.
15. Forgot to play the tooth fairy role.
16. Felt guilty for being hungover on a Sunday so let your kids pretty much do what they wanted. Once I’ve had a couple of drinks, I forget I’m not the teen who used an id god fake id in order to buy and promptly drink a huge amount of vodka. When will I learn?
17. Blow up on your kid for something small then realize it was really your own issue you were having.
18. Eaten a PB and J with your kids because it made you feel like a kid again.
19. Used your kids as an excuse to not have to attend an event.
20. Swore you had your cell phone 2 seconds ago and it’s not anywhere near you where thought you left it.
Last but not least:
21. Overpaid the babysitter because you were a little wasted 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  • Patti

    Regarding #20. Talking on the phone to someone and telling them you are in the parking lot and will be in as soon as you find your cell phone in the car. After a moment, a voice in your ear says. “Aren’t you talking on your phone?”

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