7 Affordable Summer Staycation Ideas

Affordable Summer Staycation Ideas

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun with the kids.  Often times though once couples have kids, it gets very stressful to plan vacations not only mentally but financially.

“Will they be ok on the plane ride?”

“Now we have to pay for 4 plane tickets..is it worth it?”

“How many bags do we now have to check in?”

Summer trips and activities don’t have to be extra lavish for kids to have a good time.  We all love staying at the nicest resorts with pool service but obviously we can’t do that all summer.  So what are some low budget activities you can do with your kids this summer? Check out our list of affordable summer staycation ideas to keep those little brains entertained through the summer!

  1.  Family movie in the backyard:  All you need to do is rent a projector.  Grab a white sheet and hang it on a wall in the back.  Get some tents or sleeping bags, popcorn, snacks and some drinks and start your movie night.  The kids will have a blast setting it up and the best part..if they pass out…just carry them in the house!
  2. Plan a beach scavenger hunt:  Buy these toy sea creatures and sand buckets.  Let everyone collect them and the winner is the one who collects the most!
  3. Go Geocoaching:  This is a great treasure hunting game for the whole family.  Check out the geocoaching guide for more details.
  4. Family Potluck in the park:  Let everyone in your family make something.  If they are younger, try very simple recipes and bring it to the park.  Let the kids play and enjoy the food the whole family made.
  5. Home Project:  Pick a project for your home that can be done with the whole family.  Spend the day working together and learning from each other.  The kids will love the finished product.
  6. Field day:  Remember when you were younger and you had field day at school?  Set up a field day at a park for your family to do.  Bean bag races, jump roping, kicking the ball through cones and somersaults are just some ideas.  Bring some snacks and maybe go dip in the pool after.
  7. Amusement Park with a 1 night hotel stay:  Some people don’t care to get a hotel room if they live near the amusement park but I have found kids love just doing it for one night.  Do the amusement park then then just walk over to your hotel and hang with the family.

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